China tourists in August to less than last month, Deling Korean Tourism tension

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China tourists in August to less than last month, Deling Korean Tourism tension

2016-08-16 13:15:42 196 ℃

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1 Rio Olympic Park camera crashed 7 people were injured

According to Xinhua News Agency reported, due to Rio de Janeiro suddenly blowing winds, hanging over the Olympic Park, Bach's camera 15 afternoon being blown by the wind. By about BOCOG confirmed that has killed at least seven people were injured, including a 11 year old child, but did not have seriously.

2 South Korean couple want to adopt the Chinese ping-pong potential of the Seoul court refused to grant

According to South Korea, "Central Daily News" website reported on the 15th, Korean couples to apply to adopt the Chinese table tennis good seedling do sons and daughters, interested in their culture into South Korean table tennis player. However, the application was rejected by the court. Jinheng law judge family 22 separate courts in July to early this year South Korean Kim a couple for the adoption of Chinese nationality youth table tennis players k a (19) and submitted for adoption to apply for a minor made does not allow the adoption of decisions.

3 of the Russian navy in the Mediterranean Sea live fire exercises test terorist crisis

According to the new network quoted media reports, the Russian Ministry of defense at 15 local time, said the Russian Navy Day in the eastern Mediterranean launched a military exercise, including the launch of artillery and missiles. Russia's defense ministry announced that the Navy's ability to deal with the crisis of terrorism, the exercise will be launched in the test." Russia before enhancement in the area of the naval force, to support the fight against extremist groups in Syria strikes.

4 Ban Ki-moon: hope for the first time as the United Nations Secretary General of the United Nations

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's term will end at the end of this year, the next Secretary General of the United Nations candidates to become the focus of media attention. According to 15 reports of The Associated Press, Ban Ki-moon said he would like to see the first time by a woman as the Secretary General of the United nations. But he also stressed that his successor will be elected to the United Nations Security Council approved by the United Nations General assembly.

5 extremist organization Boko Haram released hundreds of girls tied video

According to CCTV reported that extremist group Boko Haram recently announced for a period of two years ago Nigeria being kidnapped schoolgirl's latest video again released to female students for the organization being jailed militants of the signal. Boko Haram members said that if the government of their firepower, these girls will be killed.

6.71 year old British grandmother had taken the ballet six record of the oldest candidates

The little girl seems to be practicing, grading to do things. But the Daily Telegraph news, British 71 year old granny Doreen & middot; peach has recently passed the British Royal Academy of dance of the CET, a oldest candidates record. Peach said in an interview that he liked the ballet since childhood, but because the family can not afford the cost of learning to dance, so that her dream is to hold a few decades. At the age of 61, she went to Canada to visit when the ballet teacher's niece, was persuaded to participate in the niece of the dance class, did not think about it on the addiction.

7.3 Chinese prisoners were assassinated in Philippines.

According to the Philippines, "Daily" reported, the Philippine authorities 14 said, is located in the northern Davao province Sendoh Dumas of Davao punishment prison in the three Chinese nationals prisoners being with prisoners prison assassination. Preliminary investigation, dead in the highest security prison in Davao criminal prison cell 6 attack. The suspect surrendered himself to the prison authorities after the attack. Currently do not know the deceased and the suspect because what charges the prisoners.

8 China tourists in August to less than last month, Deling Korean Tourism tension

South Korean "National Journal" 13, said South Korean tourist commune recently published statistical data, "South Korea decided to deploy Sade Chinese tourists to Korean unabated". But the Nikkei 12 confirmed that in Korea conflicts intensified in August, the number of tourists to Korea China last month decreased by 3.7% over the same period. Analysts believe that this means that the South Korean government to deploy "Sade" decided to influence Chinese visiting willingness substantial.

9 Australian intelligence department to recruit network master age threshold down to 14 years old

According to the "Guangzhou Daily" quoted the Australian media reported on the 15th, in order to better protect the network security, the Australian Secret Intelligence now recruit network expert, and now only 14 years old, high school born hackers in the recruiting within the scope. Reported that the Australian prime minister recently announced a $230 million investment in network security program.

Boulter 10 Olympic Games 100 meters sprint triple crown Jamaica Carnival

France International Radio 15 reported that the Jamaica players Boulter (Bolt Usain) 14 in the Rio Olympic Games won the men's 100 meters sprint gold medal. This is the 29 year old Boulter won third consecutive Olympic 100 meters champion, created the history of the Olympic Games for the first time in three consecutive hundred meters. Jamaica national Carnival to celebrate Boulter's three consecutive miracle.