Turkey and the EU foreign minister president "face threat has boomed"

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Turkey and the EU foreign minister president "face threat has boomed"

2016-08-16 13:18:50 186 ℃

[global times in Germany special correspondent Aoki Global Times special correspondent Tao short real] the Turkish Foreign Minister exactly what Wu Oulu accepted 15 issue of the German "Bild" interview, accusing Europe "does not help Turkey, but shame", a month ago Turkey not hence the military coup. Turkish president Mr Erdogan 14 accept Germany RTL TV station to interview, harshly criticized Europe during the coup attempt not to Turkey to give enough support. Always want to achieve "out of Asia into Europe" dream why Turkey and Europe?

"To meet all the provisions of the EU Member States on the road, to do any of the efforts of a country has not done, in exchange for the EU's" threat, insult and a comprehensive blockade "of the EU's" Turkey "." Cavusoglu angrily said, "we would like to ask, what crime? Why do you have this kind of hostility? Look at the issue of refugees in March reached an agreement, the provisions of Turkey citizens in October will be free to sign, but the agreement has not been signed. Turkey has taken on the issue of refugees' the most heavy burden ', so far spent $25 billion. The EU offered us 3 billion euros in compensation, we now want to be criticized, to know that this amount is not for us, but for the use of refugees." Exactly what Wu Oulu reiterated that "I don't want to talk about the worst case, we either at the same time, the implementation of the agreement, or will it aside." Agence France-Presse said the foreign minister of foreign affairs is suggesting that if the October does not get visa free treatment, Turkey will ignore the March agreement on refugee issues, will allow thousands of refugees and illegal immigrants to enter the European union.

Cavusoglu also criticized the EU does not understand the death penalty on Turkey. He said, "this is the history of Turkey's most bloody coup attempt. Some people were run over by tanks, planes bombed parliament buildings". As far as he is concerned, he is against the death penalty. He talked about the problem in the European Union, also asked the United States and Japan to abolish the death penalty. But now the Turks were wounded, and the Europeans did not understand ". Turkey foreign minister accused the EU, only to the statement of the Turkey bill, but did not give the real support of Turkey. In particular, Austria's performance is particularly aggressive, to prevent Turkey into europe."

After the failure of the attempted coup, the government has arrested more than 100 journalists, Germany and other countries have accused Turkey of a move to undermine freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Cavusoglu said, "don't because you are a reporter, is untouchable? Some reporters have been to "Gulen movement" instructions, destroying the lives of many people, support the coup. If they belong to a terrorist organization, what is the relationship between the arrest and the freedom of the press? Every day there are a lot of journalists and media criticism of the government, but when it comes to the coup, they stand."

Finally, exactly Wu Shi Oulu anger said Turkey is one of the greatest contribution to NATO, but NATO circles have "against Turkey". Turkey needs to buy weapons, but the United States refused to sell air defense system. As for the relationship with Russia, he believes that the existence of good relations between Russia and the past, and now began to build, which is a normal diversified foreign policy.

Turkish radio and television station 14, said Turkish president Mr Erdogan told Germany RTL TV station to interview, severely criticized Europe during the coup attempt not to Turkey to give enough support. "Paris suffered after the terrorist attacks, the European politicians gather together; we also expect to make a similar move to Turkey, at least European countries should send a representative to come to sympathy sympathy, but they in addition to the accused, or accused." El has stressed that "the EU has all kinds of problems in with Turkey for 53 years, this is our most unacceptable."

At present, the EU has not made any views on this. But the EU figures, Economic Commission, said Oetinger, after the coup in Turkey continue to take measures to clean, I do not believe that it is appropriate to give their citizens visa free treatment at this time is appropriate ".

"Is the end of Turkey into the European farce," Germany "Augsburger Allgemeine 15 said Turkey's dream and European democracy and constitutional values are completely inconsistent with the European seriously considering the establishment of other forms of partnerships with Turkey.

German news television that if the EU to tear up the European soil protocol and injured is not only Turkey, and the European Union (EU), large-scale influx of refugees will be rushed back to Europe; moreover, NATO strategy in the middle of the dominant position will also be instead of Russia. The two sides need to pragmatic cooperation now, rather than the emotional.

Turkey is so indignant, there is a reason. Singapore, "Lianhe Zaobao" analysis said that in early 1987, Turkey on the application to join the European Union, Turkey to the EU "unrequited love" for nearly 30 years. In the long road of accession, Turkey issued thousands of laws, even at the expense of sacrificing their own interests to compromise, the prospects are still very slim. The key is that the EU as a whole does not trust Turkey, not only worried about the fragile Turkey economy will drag the EU, but also on the Islamic countries to join whether the impact of the EU's unity has been very suspicious. Former British Prime Minister Cameron's words is an example: according to the current schedule, Turkey's accession to the European Union may have to wait for 1000."