The defeat of Japan is still no reflection times day emperor Akihito once again expressed deep remorse

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The defeat of Japan is still no reflection times day emperor Akihito once again expressed deep remorse

2016-08-16 13:22:19 267 ℃

Data figure: August 15, 2015, "national war dead memorial ceremony" was held in Tokyo at the budokan. The day is Japan announced the unconditional surrender to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the day, the Japanese government in Japan Tokyo Budokan held national war dead memorial service. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Ma Ping photo)

(Global Times reported) this year is Japan announced the unconditional surrender of 71 years, on August 15, the defeat of Japan day, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, although not visit the Yasukuni Shrine, but still with the identity of the president of the Liberal Democratic Party offer a sacrificial fee. On the same day by the Japanese government held "national war dead memorial service, Abe no mention of the expression of ancient Japanese Prime Minister of war" harm "and" deep remorse ", this is his since 2012 the second ruling for the fourth consecutive year to do so. In contrast to him, the emperor of Japan, and Akihito, as mentioned last year, deep reflection". For Japan, how to deal with historical issues, the attitude of the Japanese media is also very different. "Asahi Shimbun," the editorial memories of the war disappeared exhibit a sense of crisis, and "Yomiuri Shimbun," and so on, in the history of the problem to falsely accuse. Do not forget to rendering of the "China Threat Theory".

According to "Asahi Shimbun" reported on the 15th, special assistant to the president of the Liberal Democratic Party Minoru Nishimura Kang in the morning to the Yasukuni Shrine, instead of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's offering, a string of jade material (sacrificial fee). The Kyodo news agency said that since 2013, the defeat of Japan, Andouble for 4 consecutive years to take the same approach. Report commented that China and South Korea, Japan's prime minister and other visits to the Yasukuni shrine is quite sensitive. Andouble is currently coordinating at the beginning of the September G20 summit held in Hangzhou, China's leaders and talks with Chinese leaders, the visit has not been visited, in fact, to a certain extent, taking into account the Chinese side".

In the Abe cabinet, the 15th to "ghosts" of a Japanese general phase high city early seedlings, Olympic phase pill Zhu Chuan generation and deputy chief Hagi students field a light. Repeated visits to the Yasukuni shrine of Japan's defense minister Inada Tomomi 13 to 16 visit to Djibouti, the day did not go to visit. In addition, the cross party members of the coalition, we visit the Yasukuni Shrine in Congress will be about 70 members of the collective. Kyodo news agency said that the revival of Imamura Masahiro on the 11 visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, Yamamoto Uji said he had 6 days of the visit to the Yasukuni shrine. According to several Japanese cabinet members "ghosts", Chinese foreign ministry 15 said they paid homage to dedicated to World War II Class-A war criminals, beautify the war of aggression to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, again reflecting the Japanese government to treat the historical problems wrong attitude. China firmly opposes this. China once again seriously urge the Japanese side to effectively address and deeply reflect on the history of aggression, to take a responsible attitude to properly handle relevant issues, practical action to gain the trust of its Asian neighbors and the international community. South Korean foreign ministry 15, said that the Japanese beautify aggression behavior expressed deep concern and regret, and urged the Japanese politicians brave to face up to history, and actively use the practical action to humbly introspection and repentance history, in order to obtain the trust of the neighboring countries.

According to Japanese media said Andouble, taking into account the Chinese side"Huang Dahui, director of the center for East Asian Studies at Renmin University of China, 15, the Global Times said that this is indeed a Chinese factor, but Andouble consider more of the United States and South korea. In China and South Korea because of "Sade" relationship between cooling conditions, and he does not want to South Korea in the history of the problem New problems crop up unexpectedly. However, Huang Dahui said that this does not represent the position of Andouble and Japan's right-wing position and historical changes have taken place. This year, the anniversary of Japan's defeat is not the whole year, but they are still in various ways to express the mind".

Data figure: August 15, 2015, in Tokyo, Japan, the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, the Japanese Prime Minister Akihito (left) from the royal couple walking beside. The day is Japan announced the unconditional surrender to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the day, the Japanese government in Japan Tokyo Budokan held national war dead memorial service. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Ma Ping photo)

Global Times special correspondent in Japan, 15, saw the Yasukuni Shrine, many Japanese played the slogan or sell books to oppose China or criticize China as the main content. Japan's biggest right-wing "conference in Japan" on the same day at the scene also selling books. A salesman told reporters, "the relationship between Japan and the increasingly tense. Many times, only with the war, in order to change the relationship between the state and the country, so, Japan to amend the constitution." "Japan meeting" in Japan has about 38 thousand members, 19 cabinet members Andouble of the new cabinet, 16 are its members. Reporters on the scene feeling is quite deep, whenever the Chinese criticism of Japanese politicians "ghosts" behavior, they often say "this is the Japan of the Japanese nation, culture or is a Japanese traditional". But clearly, this so-called "traditional" taste, some Japanese to the Yasukuni Shrine and Chinese enemies together.

On the 15th, the Japanese government in Tokyo of Japan Budokan held a national war dead memorial service, attended the royal couple, Abe, participants and both the house and the Senate speaker and other representatives from all walks of life, national war dead survivors, a total of approximately 4900. Akihito said in his speech: "look back on the past, in the deep reflection of the same time, deep hope that the tragedy of war is no longer repeat." TV Asahi said that last year, the emperor in the ceremony speech, for the first time to write deep introspection, this year once again stressed this point. Kyodo news agency said, and the past 3 years, Andouble did not like the prime minister referred to the Asian harm and introspection, only said, will be modest in the face of history, for the world peace and prosperity". Andouble also did not use the word no war oath. "Asahi Shimbun" said by Andouble, "absolutely can not repeat the tragedy of war" that shows no war. By World War II war dead survivors, Japan's "peace survivors will contact the country" on the 15th held a rally, on behalf of the organization while in Nishikawa said: "Japan to Asia for what? Although we are survivors, but don't forget about the harm."

Japanese media have published an editorial on the 71 anniversary of the 15 anniversary of the war,But the argument is not the same. "Japanese economic news" said that Japan should completely solve various problems after the war. If the Japanese Prime Minister and cabinet members visited the Yasukuni Shrine, will to the world issued "Japan is praise the war" error message. "Asahi Shimbun" that Japan is being ushered in the era of no experience of the war. Now, Japan has the responsibility to pass on the memory of the war to a new generation. The article said that experienced in the Japanese War, many people in China have a grateful heart and people during the Second World War in China occupy land guilty. Similar memories can not be lost with the reduction of the Japanese during the war. And right leaning media, "Yomiuri Shimbun" in an editorial said that Japan should to distort history to refute, and claimed that "China is challenging the world order".

Shanghai Foreign Language University of Japanese culture and economy Professor Lian de rose 15, told the Global Times said that the Japanese government is now rightist obvious, but from the point of view of Japanese society as a whole, there are still many people advocate that reflect the history, support the current constitution of. Huang Dahui believe that with the World War II era more and more long, Abe government and continuous rendering of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was nuked, Japan's "perpetrators" consciousness will more and more light.