Is "refugee first" Germany or Germany?

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Is "refugee first" Germany or Germany?

2016-08-16 13:23:55 191 ℃

Today to see such a message: a German Muslim refugees deliberately set fire to the law, the law can do nothing

A 17 year old Muslim refugee in Afghanistan has been charged with the purpose of setting fire to a refugee camp. It is understood that he was dissatisfied with the refugee camp living conditions and deliberately set fire to destroy the private, the incident caused a loss of 550 thousand euros. Because of the inability of the refugee family to pay, and the arson is a minor, the law is powerless.

And before the burst of a large number of refugees in Germany because of the living conditions of discontent and longitudinal fire destroyed to private scandal, as refugees in the refugee camps are burned often can get better hotel settlement, so scandals repeated. One of the most notable arson cases was caused by a Muslim refugees in Syria. He Bingen in Germany (Bingen) forged multiple swastika and then set fire to refugee camps, caused a huge uproar.

Some people ask why Germany doesn't send it back to the country. Because of a minor who is not an adult, the human rights convention may not be returned.

In recent years an influx of refugees to the German cause, is really great. Because of Muslim tolerance and living environment, and "Germans welcome refugees" the news circulated around, causing many refugees pouring into Germany, estimated that last year alone, there are 150 million refugees into Germany.

Moreover, a Middle East refugee in Germany after the success of asylum, the average will be applied for a family reunion to the 4-8 family to live in Germany, so that the burden is even heavier..

The biggest problem is that the German public security began to change, and even began to encounter terrorist attacks.. Germany is now around the rape and robbery occur frequently, and most of offenders are refugees.

For these things, live in Germany in the post bar users tucao:

Also have net friend asked the German people of many different industries on how to see? The following conclusions are drawn

The worst is that may only be worse.

It is estimated that in 2020, Germany will live there are 20 million Muslims, and permanently change the face of germany. Germany has a population of 80 million.

In this context, in the face of increasingly harsh living environment, as well as for the protection of the family and children, and finally, there is a German family can not stand up.

Then there is the following news:

A family of eight, men, women and children, three generations of young and old, traveled long distances, drove to Moscow, to apply for refugee status, said Germany too badly, we really won't stay down, refugees, too much, too insecure. There are a lot of things about refugees being covered up by the media and the government, and only a very small part of the report, Germany is full of corruption and crime, the government has not been blind.

Carola's husband said they had all kinds of bad times in Germany in 2013, when they felt that Germany is no longer a safe and reliable country, they even went to the German Parliament before the demonstrations. This is an important reason for them to leave Germany to Russia.

And said: we want to be a good president Putin, we have work skills, we can work in the Russian farm, we can teach german.

In contrast to those real refugees in Germany, but in the hands of money to eat to housing...

In addition: according to the German asylum applicants relief act, the government in addition to bear refugee accommodation (including heating), medical expenses, clean non, but also to the issue of basic living expenses and allowances to the refugees. Currently, the family head of refugees can get 225 euros per month, 0~6 years old children 133 euros per month, 7~13 year olds 179 euros per month, 14 years of age or older family members (children or spouses) 199 euros per month. The federal government decided in August 2014 to increase subsidies, starting next year, 225 euros per month to the refugees will increase to 352 euros.

In China, there is a sentence. Although no one will self humiliation and insult people; home will self destruct, then people ruined; nations will be cutting, and thinning of later generations. When the war time as people's homes are going to run out of the lazy rogue. To destroy their own home, and now to the scourge of europe. People, not only to the physiological structure of owner, but also a basic moral, patriotic, self-reliance.

If Germany does not make changes to the refugees, it is not long before there will be more Germans to leave Germany, then, all the refugees in Germany will be now this Germany?