The Japanese government is set to prepare for the ratification of the Paris agreement for the year.

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The Japanese government is set to prepare for the ratification of the Paris agreement for the year.

2016-08-16 13:25:28 192 ℃

[global network reporter Wang Huan] 16 reported that Japan's Kyodo News Agency reported on August, the Japanese government began to prepare for the year before the new framework for the approval of the new framework of global warming, Paris agreement. The Ministry of foreign affairs and the environment are being developed in the approval of the draft, the fastest will be submitted to the fall of the interim parliament.

In May, the group of seven (G7) Ise Shima summit, the participating countries agreed to make agreement year effect "". Due to temporary Congress will also consider the supplementary budget and the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), how to ensure the schedule will be difficult, but a foreign ministry official said "approved (the agreement) without having to modify the domestic law, is expected to also won't have strong objections". That year approval is possible.

The entry into force of the Paris agreement requires the approval of the countries which account for more than 55% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. It was also estimated that before and after 2018 to come into effect, but due to the United States, China, the European Union (EU) and India and other early approval of the positive attitude towards the end of this year to early next year may meet the entry into force of the conditions.

China in March announced the end of the approval process within the year. Driven by the United States to come into force in the year required to write the declaration of the summit, India also announced in June to start the approval of the operation. In addition, Russia also expressed a positive attitude.

On the other hand, has been for the approval of the EU in the year may start late. The French ambassador figure Biyana said climate change negotiations, Britain from the European Union's decision to make matters more complicated".

Greater uncertainty comes from the November presidential election in the United states. Republican candidate John Trump believes that "the crisis of climate warming is fabricated", advocated the withdrawal of the agreement. If he is elected, the United States will be in cooperation on climate change".

However, the agreement after the entry into force of the withdrawal process requires 4 years. The Obama administration not only has its own positive attitude and urges all countries to approve it as soon as possible, but may also be one of the goals of the government in order to prevent the repeated.

According to the Secretariat of the Framework Convention on climate change, as of August 3rd, 22 countries have ratified the agreement, mainly African countries and island countries, but the total amount of emissions accounted for only about 1%.

"Paris agreement" on the end of last year, the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change (COP21) was passed, is to replace the "Kyoto Protocol" of the new legal framework.

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