The Korean government and opposition members of " 8 15" group boarded the Japanese Dokdo strong protest

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The Korean government and opposition members of " 8 15" group boarded the Japanese Dokdo strong protest

2016-08-16 13:25:36 193 ℃

Xinhua News AgencyFrom South Korea's ruling and opposition parties of 10 members of Congress in the 15 "Independence Day" tour boarded Dokdo (Japan called "Takeshima"), the declaration of sovereignty. The Japanese government lodged a strong protest.

South Korean government on the day of the Japanese parliament members visited the Yasukuni shrine is deeply concerned and regret. And South Korean President Park in the same day in the "8· 15" speech for the first time did not urge the Japanese to solve the comfort women issue.

After a lapse of three years

Visiting the islands of the South Korean lawmakers from the ruling of the new national party, the largest opposition party, the Democratic Party and the second largest opposition party, the national party. The leader of the new National Party members, the former chairman of the Committee on the unification of foreign affairs Luo Qingyuan.

South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported, in accordance with the schedule of the, the senators helicopter day to Dokdo, visited Dokdo guard, and day visit to Dokdo multiple Guardian Dokdo members of civic groups to communicate.

A group of South Korean lawmakers on board Dokdo, was exactly three years ago. Support cross party parliamentary group had intended to last "8· Guardian Dokdo; 15" after landing on the island, but due to bad weather and give up.

Luo Qingyuan said, this trip to reaffirm Korea Dokdo sovereignty over Dokdo, is one of the members of "natural" activities. "In the hope that in the future there will be more of this kind of", she Yonhap accepted a telephone interview said, Congress necessary to protect Dokdo give more attention and support. "

The same day, South Korea Chungnam Taean chief executive Han Xiangji (transliteration) also board the Dokdo, the stone of a block from South Korea to the southwest of the island to the North Gyeongsang Ulleung County Sheriff Cui Zhuri (sound), to swear sovereignty over Dokdo in Korea. Dokdo in the administrative divisions to Ulleung County jurisdiction.

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary suga 15 days on routine press conference said, Japan Republic of Korea Mr move "totally unacceptable", South Korea regardless of Japan to protest, insisted on Staten Island, make Japan "extremely regrettable.

"We immediately lodged a strong protest with the South Korean government and asked to prevent such incidents from happening again." He said.

Japan's Kyodo News reported that the Japanese Ministry of foreign affairs previously through diplomatic channels called for South Korea to cancel the landing plan. And Luo Qingyuan said at the time, the Japanese protest is not even worth responding. "Japan (Dokdo) territorial claims are meaningless, access will be planned."

Dokdo is located in the eastern coast of the Korean Peninsula, an area of about 0.18 square kilometers. South Korea, North Korea and Japan all claim sovereignty over the island. The island has been the actual control of Korea since 1953.