German foreign minister visits Russia to explore issues in Ukraine and Syria

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German foreign minister visits Russia to explore issues in Ukraine and Syria

2016-08-16 13:27:44 194 ℃

Global network reporter reports Wang Lilan] [Radio France Internationale August 15 news said the German foreign minister to visit Russia, August 15, with his Russian counterpart in Yekaterinburg meeting to discuss the issue of Ukraine and the situation in Syria. Before the meeting, Germany, long to Ekaterinburg college students said while upgrading the tensions in the Crimea, but still should implement the peace agreement in Minsk. Russian foreign minister said that Russia will abide by the Minsk agreement should perform the part of russia.

According to reports, the German Foreign Minister Steinmeier and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov met in August 15th in Ural, Russia, Yekaterinburg. The meeting is the background of the situation in Crimea tensions and the war in Syria again.

Russia, said before the day, to repel the Ukraine peninsula into the Crimea army. Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Kiev of trying to provoke a new conflict, disturbing the stability of the local situation. This statement by the president of Ukraine Poroshenko dismissed as "ridiculous and shameless". Baltic said that Russia's fantasy is intended to launch a new military threat to Ukraine to find an excuse for their.

Russian satellite network news, said Steinmeier, 15, at the Federal University of Ural in Russia, Germany, "Summer School" opening ceremony. After the event, the Russian German foreign minister held talks on issues including the implementation of the Minsk Ukraine agreement to promote the peace process in Syria, and the European security issues and the fight against international terrorism.