14 countries were rejected by OPEC, and the White House was forced to let the Japanese and Korean oil, emotionally, the two listening

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14 countries were rejected by OPEC, and the White House was forced to let the Japanese and Korean oil, emotionally, the two listening

2021-11-25 00:11:10 8 ℃

On November 24, according to many foreign media concentration, in order to suppress the continuous climbing international oil prices, the world's major economies have recently taken strong measures. Among them, the Super National United States made the decision of the strategic reserve oil under the expanded oil supply invalid, and therefore forced Japan and South Korea to follow up into the above policies. Many experts pointed out that Japan and South Korea responded to the United States in critical moments, and further highlights its powerful influence.

It is understood that oil is one of the most important energy resources, known as the "modern industry's gold", which plays an important role in promoting human civilization. From a storage distribution, oil is mainly concentrated in the vices of the Middle East, Africa, South America, including Venezuela, Saudi and other countries with a large number of oil reserves. In order to capture more oil resources, many countries do not hesitate to achieve the above goals in extreme ways such as conflict or war, which makes a major threat to the region and even the world. For example, the United States has led the oil interests, and once dominated the local wars such as the Gulf War, led the Middle East to become a famous "gunpowder barrel".

In order to safeguard its own interests, many oil-out countries quickly move towards the joint on the basis of the learning lessons, and established the specific organization of OPEC in the early 1960s. Since its inception, OPEC has played a key role in coordinating the petroleum policies of Member States, and has become an important tool for countermeal economic hegemony. For example, in the fourth Middle Eastern War, Palestine, OPEC will significantly increase the price with oil as a weapon, which triggered the first oil crisis after the war and cause huge impact to European and American countries.

In recent years, OPEC has used its own position many times, and the privilege advantage will be exhausted by adjusting oil prices. For example, in 2003, OPK quickly put a lot of oil to the market in 2003, it caused sharp decline in crude oil prices, and then significantly decreased to raise oil prices. Affected by the epidemic, the international oil price seems to have a roller coaster since this year, and the international oil prices seem to have a roller coaster, presenting a soaring development situation, and the period is once more than $ 80. Under the promotion of international oil prices, the price of global raw materials has also risen, thus causing energy crises.

In order to curb oil price growth, the United States has frequently pressing OPEC to compromise, and it is expected that the organization has greatly increased oil, but it is ignored. In OPEC, only steady production is the key to solving the current problem. In response to the organization of the organization, the United States immediately took a strong sense of intervention. Recently, the leaders of the country were suddenly announced to the market, and they will pre-put 50 million barrel strategic reserve oils in the market. Under the application of the United States, Japan and South Korea also implemented policy follow-up and opened some oil reserves. Among them, Japan said that they will work closely with the US, release more than 4 million barrels of oil once, although South Korea has not explicitly passed, but it means that it will make a decision after active consultations. In this regard, netizens have said that Japan and South Korea can be described as the most faithful servant in the United States.