Merkel reproduces, "Don't remove China" resounding Europe, 18th Ministry of Foreign Affairs bright attitude

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Merkel reproduces, "Don't remove China" resounding Europe, 18th Ministry of Foreign Affairs bright attitude

2021-11-25 00:08:50 16 ℃

According to Global Network, German left-behind Cabinet Prime Minister Merkel said in an interview with Reuters, which is wrong with China, which will cause harm to Germany and Europe.

Merkel also pointed out that China has a good scientific research and efficient industries. Merkel emphasized that especially in the field of scientific research should not be detached from China, China has already taken the forefront of the world in artificial intelligence.

German news TV stated that Merkel expressed his views before the relationship between German and Europe, showing her concerns about the fact that in many fields in Europe, but she still promotes the cooperation of Europe. . At present, even the new government of the Socialmid Party, the Green Party and the Self-Party, which is being negotiated, and the main line of German relations will still have a huge change. Deutsche Broadcasting Station, I tried to govern the Green Party Senior Politician Trit Ting, which was more tough to China, and "Germany should deepen partnerships with China."

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China Foreign Ministry, responded to this on the 18th that Merkel prime ministers attached importance to China's relations, and he was 12 visiting China, promoted two national laws and cooperation and friendly interactions in various fields. It has brought real interests, and China expressed highly appreciated. Zhao Lijian also said that China has always believed that in the era of globalization, mutual respect, equal treatment, exchanges, and cooperation, cooperation is the mainstream of international relations.

As we all know, Sino-German is the world's two export great powers, and it is also working hard to maintain rule-based multilateral order, which is the foundation of the two countries. The signals issued by the Sino-German will definitely defend the challenge of the United States to free trade.