The turn is sold in the White House?The Western Hero, the US military, the South China Sea, has "shown" China

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The turn is sold in the White House?The Western Hero, the US military, the South China Sea, has "shown" China

2021-11-25 00:07:34 18 ℃

The United States has been selling the allies "to enclose" China, in recent hours, the United States also lasted many countries, and there is a sense of Daxiu in the South China Sea.

But recently, several Western Hao Qiang in the South China Sea have been "shown" to China, and the White House has finally tasted the taste of "selling".

On October 31, the Netherlands Prime Minister Luter, met with Chinese State Members and Foreign Director Wang Yi. At the time of Zhongtue Breaking, Rüter said that the Hindu attaches great importance to the opportunities of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. We are willing to celebrate this important year to China.

Rüter mentioned that the Tuto will strengthen the interactions between the two sides, welcome China to expand its investment. With the previous followed the US military, there is different in the South China Sea. At this time, the Netherlands at this time will open their hands to embrace cooperation.

At the beginning of October this year, the United Netherlands, Netherlands, Japan, Canada and New Zealand, a total of 17 warships appeared in the South China Sea and its surrounding sea, except for the "Carl Wensen" and "Ragan" aircraft carrier, Britain The "Elizabeth Queen" aircraft carrier participated in the exercise, and the three aircraft carriers gathered together.

But even comprehensive "bet" in the United States, I have to consider cooperation with China. Just a day before the Global Investment Summit, the British Prime Minister Johnson pointed out that in an interview, the UK did not intend to reject all investment intentions from China. Johnson said that he did not "anti-China", and he also acknowledged that China was a huge part of the British economic life.

It is true that the United Kingdom has also stepped through the United States in the field of geopolitics, but considering more practical problems, the UK does not open cooperation with China, which is the reason for Johnson transition.

In the country where the South China Sea brush is in the country, it is more than the British and Netherlands of "Show". In the Canadian, although the country has been very stiff to China's relationship, the Canadian Ambassador to China is not long ago, Canadian companies should explore China's commercial potential.

Bao Dimin believes that China's economic potential is huge, and from economic data, China is still the second largest trading partner in Canada. In 2020, Canada's exports increased by 8% to 25 billion Canadian exports.

To know, this is also the "transcript" that is taken in the case of China. Today, the obstacles have disappeared, and Canada also hopes to be "re-repaired well" with China, at least in terms of trade cooperation, this is undoubtedly true The interests of Canada.

It seems that these countries have faithful to the United States and difficult to refuse to cooperate with China. The United States wants to block China, but the allies "sell" in another way.