The more helent of American inflation crisis, Biden helpless declare the policy, is China affected?

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The more helent of American inflation crisis, Biden helpless declare the policy, is China affected?

2021-11-25 00:07:54 26 ℃

In the context of the new crown epidemic, the US economy has been weak, and the Biden government also took the two economic stimulus programs, which greatly exacerbates the inflation crisis in the United States. It is undeniable that this irresponsible printed behavior of the United States is likely to pay the whole world, and there is no doubt that China is also included. Just got this, I would like to express an emergency life, I seem to have to reverse this situation.

According to the observer network news, the US Department of Labor has shown that US consumers have increased by 6% in October, which has set up new high in the past 30 years. From the CPI index, October increased the most serious since November 1990. Moreover, this is more than 2 times the increase in September, and even exceeds expert expectations.

At the same time, the American people face a serious livelihood crisis. Since the end of Bundeng, the US unemployment rate has dropped by 70%. From the perspective of status, inflation has damaged the wallet of the American people. As the inflation crisis has become more intense, the US Democrats are also very dissatisfied, claiming that Washington cannot ignore the economic suffering experienced by the American people.

In this regard, Biden finally admitted that the inflation crisis was very uneasy, and the urgent task is to reverse the situation. According to the report, Biden intends to counterattack in price fraud in the US energy industry. He promised that the 1.75 trillion US dollar plan for "rebuilding" will provide jobs for the American people, and will also solve the problem of supply chain shortage, and inflation will also be solved. He emphasized that he has communicated with the major retailers in the United States, and also guarantees the supply of goods during Christmas.

US media reported that Biden will urge Congress to introduce a broader infrastructure bill. In public speeches, Biden also said that this infrastructure will also rebuild the US public transport, especially railways, roads, and ports. At the same time, port refurbishment will also create good quality work, which seems to be two full beauty. There is no doubt that this is another "empty check", and the bill has not been passed. At this critical, the Fed Chairman Powell also said that the Fed will not be impulsive in the face of the expected inflation, the Fed will not be impulsive, and it will inevitably try the maximum employment.

In recent years, with the improvement of comprehensive national strength, China's consumer market and infrastructure capabilities are obvious to all world. But Bunden is still not aware of the importance of cooperation with China, and even if I still want to find China's wool, this obviously does not stand on the basis of equality and respect. In the face of such a serious inflation in the United States, Biden should also be ignored in which it is, don't go getting more far from the wrong road.