Mergen fan speech is felt meat, or exposed Meggen Wolf Animation: She wants to be a Queen in the United States?

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Mergen fan speech is felt meat, or exposed Meggen Wolf Animation: She wants to be a Queen in the United States?

2021-11-25 00:06:33 12 ℃

The Net red scorpion of the British royal family, the former Susseas Duchess Mergen Macl recently became the focus of the whole network because of a thing.

This matter is the title of "the Duke Mrs. Sussas Duchess", who has long expired, and called private calls to the beautiful Republican party two women's members.

Some personal recommendations on bringing the salary parental leave and climate policy have also expressed the camp they are willing to join the other party and fight with each other.

Meggen has recently been quite frequent in the beautiful state of the country.

For these behaviors of Megan, many royal experts, royal commenters, and all netizens have published their own comments.

But the mainstream point of view believes that Meigen is to rely on his own name and influence, transfer from the political development of the United States and entering the beauty of the country.

However, Jean really wants to abandon business?

Perhaps it is true, but there is still a view of a play in the Internet, that is, Meggen is really not really wanting to enter the political world. She just wants to expand her influence in the beautiful country, accumulating the large amount of followers, thus Become a "American Queen" with his own "subject".

On November 9, the local time, according to a report published by foreign media said that Megan participated in the "New York Times" DEALBOOK online peak, and discussed women on how women realized economic and occupational equality issues.

At this meeting, Megan delivered some of their own opinions, she proposed a "from the up-down solution", "others" - especially women create more job opportunities.

After Meggen participated in this meeting, Megan's fans began a lot of comments that had a lot of blowing Meggen on social media (twitter). These remarks are very fanatical.

A tweental user @zaggai commended Meigen and said: "Wow, she is really different.

Another Twitter user @lueenss wrote: "A true diligent queen."

There is also the third, @ rianne088 added: "I just worship her."

@ 杰马斯特 5:: "The Duke of Suisix is ​​the only queen."

In addition, a name called Stephanie Guerilus, seems to be a loyal fan of Meigen.

She has a very high evaluation of Meigen, saying that "Mercure Macal is a boss, she once again proved this. She still exists on the belief and wish of the transformation, she is more than some in this respect. The politician is more intuitive. "

For this matter, the individual opinion of the translation is that Meigen has recently made a lot of leading moves, her ultimate goal, in order to enter the beautiful state political circles, or establish their own influence in the United States in the United States Queen, this may only have her person to know the truth, but the translation is true, and many plum powder is tiger in the twitter. It is even more excessive. After all, many things are all she is Being a person is watching, so it is not good for it, but it is a joke.

What do you think about this, welcome to comment.