The United States shouted two countries to think about China, and the result is embarrassing ...

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The United States shouted two countries to think about China, and the result is embarrassing ...

2021-11-25 00:08:37 15 ℃

Author: straight brother

I believe everyone still remembers, 2 months ago, Americans once pulled Australia and the United Kingdom to have a small gang named Aukus, who would like to deal with China in the Asia-Pacific region. It is embarrassing that this project deeply hurts the European allies of the United States in the United States, more seriously destroyed the relationship between France and Australia. Let's have a big joke on the side.

Nowadays, when the United States found two other countries around China, I thought about dealing with China, and an embarrassing scene appeared again.

According to several foreign media reports, this time, two countries who have been deal with China, are China's partition, South Korea and Japan.

Thursday, the three allies of the United States and South Korea held a tripartite talks in Washington. From the statement of the US Deputy Secretary of State, the US Deputy Secretary of State, Schiman, who is in this meeting, in addition to North Korea, is China - especially the Nanhai and Taiwan issues.

It is extremely embarrassing that the reporters after the end of the discussions will only appear in Sherman, and the deputy foreign minister of the Japanese and South Korea came to participate. As a result, Sherman had to play the body cavity and let the reporter will have a grass.

So the problem is coming, for the deputy foreign minister of the Japanese and South Korea disappeared?

It turned out that from many foreign media reports, Jinchang Long, the director of the National Police Department of South Korea, who had just hoped that Japan believes that there is a "territorial dispute" in Korea (Japan called " "Bamboo island") sworn sovereignty, which triggered Japan's strong dissatisfaction. As a result, the next convenient first, requiring Japanese deputy foreign ministers, not attending the reporter meeting after talks. South Korea said that they choose not to attend is because the Japanese media will find things that I will ask the Single Island when I ask questions, and South Korea will definitely argue with the Japanese side, so it will not come.

Of course, "the sound of the United States" The official mouthpiece of the US government has to sing a praise to this talk, saying that although the reporter will have something, talks are "constructive".

No matter whether it is a Korean media or a Japanese media, it does not make "constructive" expression or qualitative on this tripartite talk, but have accusing the other party.

Among them, the Korean media said that the emergence of this result is full in Japan. It is Japan to deliberately provoked the territorial dispute in Korea's Delinate, which is in order to deliberately provoked Korean Decoe, and don't hesitate to make Japan. Don't be so destroyed Japan. relation. Japanese aspect said that South Korea is not only illegally occupied by Japan, and South Korea officials are also provoked in the United States and South Korea talks. Japan cannot accept Korean practices, so they must be protested in the way of absence the press.

Japan's sales news has even reported a report, in detail how South Korea "illegally occupied" Japan's "Bamboo Island".

And our Chinese, like the last time to see France and the United States, once again read a grand show of Japan and South Korea.