Murder, the University of Chicago and a creature behind the violence

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Murder, the University of Chicago and a creature behind the violence

2021-11-25 00:08:28 21 ℃

Author: Lexi

"Yesterday We Lost A Member of Our University Community, And Today We are mourning." (Yesterday we lost one of our universities, today we mourned him together.)

On November 10th, Zheng Shaoxiong, China International Student Zheng Shaoxioni was robbed near the Chicago University campus, and the President Paul AliVisatos issued a video statement and expressed mourning.

This is the third condolen information from Zeha President.

In June, Zhi Da's three student Max Lewis was killed in the midst of MRT. In January, Dr. Zi Dafa was killed without a different shot.

The University of Chicago is a long-term reputational private school. All the year round, the top ten of the Thames world, its Lichigago, the total population of the city is over 9 million, is second only to New York, Los Angeles, the third largest city, US Central and Western Hub, as well as the US important commodity trading center.

Behind these, behind the name, "Chicago has taken 698 murder this year, 3% higher than 2020," No. 12 US FOX News pointed out in a report.

How does such a city have such a university, how did this university run in such a city?

"Phoenix" University of Chicago

American university will have a unique mascot. The mascot of Chichao is a phoenix, because Zhi Dawa can say that it is "reborn" from a fire.

In 1837, Chicago was built in 1857, and the University of Chicago was founded by the US baptism. In 1871, the happening of "Chicago Big Fire" in the 19th century, the occurrence of Chicago 1/3 city is burned, nearly half of the residents are homeless, but also causing serious impact on the finance of the old sesame big. In 1886, the old sesame declared closed.

In 1890, the oil of the oil, Decoe, donated the re-establishment of Zhizhi, which was the University of Chicago today. The school has been put into use since the fall of 1892 and has been operating so far.

In more than 100 years, the birth and development of Chi Da, has a secret relationship with this city.

Chicago was originally an Indians, next to the water source. From the Northern Chicago, the Ili Canal in New York has been in 1825. In 1848, the Chicago Lake in Chicago is also open to the Michigan Lake - the Mississippi River Canal. The same year, Chicago also built a railway.

By the end of the 19th century, Chicago's industrial modernization was completed and became the first place where the United States was located, with more than one million resident population, is one of the fastest growing people in the world.

After the "Chicago Big fire" was extinguished, the United States held the national power to rebuild Chicago, which made the foundation for Chicago.

Zi Dawa also appeared in the world stage, began to attract more and more outstanding births, such as Li Zhengdao, Yang Zhenning went to Chicon in the middle of the 20th century.

Today, the world has mentioned Chicago, and it will not think about the "Chicago School".

The Chicago School refers to the same name science in the scholar and alumni of Chi Da, and the most famous is the Chicago economics.

Zhi Da has one of the top economics in the world. Since Nobel has an economics award, about 1/3 of the Nobel Economics Award is obtained by the alumni of Chi Da, professor.

In addition to the economy, Chichao has a very "outstanding" department is the law, because Obama teaches the 12-year constitution in Chico, until 2004 he went to the Federal Senate.

Obama's political road is also from the State Senator in Chicago - Illinois. Later, when the President of Obama, the team headquarters was located in Chicago. He was elected to the speech and also in Chicago.

On that day, Obami stood in the heart of Chicago, and opened its "Hello, Chicago!" And then said firmly.

"Change Has Come to America!" (US change is coming!)

"Structural Issues" in Chicago

Chicago is the city that is urgent to change.

Since 1991, there has been a reliable record since 1991, Chicago's crime rate has been in the average of the United States. The number of criminal proceedings that have been accepted by the Chicago Court have almost never changed: murder, holding robbery, gang.

The problem of firearms control has existed in the United States, and Chicago has a gang of gang and has already had a century.

Chicago's gang source is mainly divided into two types: a mafia from Italy into Chicago from Italy after the First World War; there is also a prevail in the south to Chicago's underlying Africana.

In the early years, the Chicago government has built a lot of public housing in the southern District of Chicago in the southern District of Chicago, and these people have lived there, and they lived there, and then they found their work or other ways to take the initiative Outside the person, the people left in the world have lived there, and the public housing will slowly become a slum. "(The root of the problem) is always young, mainly young people, because they have not accepted good education, have not got good opportunities, did not see a good example, they just lived in a broken neighborhood."

In September 2021, Obama talked at an interview with a violent crime in Chicago.

In more than a hundred years, between gangs and gangs, between gangs and police, between the poor and rich people, the white and colored people are ... countless grievances, and the allegiance of the chaos, let Chicago are full Violent and tragedy.

The crime rate of some streets in the southern west of the city can reach ten times the northern Futrics.

In 2017, Richard Boykin, director of the Cook County Police Department in Chicago, visited the United Nations headquarters in New York, directly proposes that the United Nations peacekeeping force can assist in maintaining Chicago public security, and the speech is full of helplessness and despair.

In August this year, the US Broadcasting Station Chicago Division published an article called "More Than 30,000 People Shot In Chicago in 10 Years. Here's What Survivors Say Is Needed", a person who is related to the violent incidents of Chicago In an interview, one is the surgeon Tanya Zakrison, University of Chicago.

Zakrison had previously been served in many hospitals. She felt behind Zi Dat, she felt:

"In the United States, there is no other place to have more prominent structural problems than Chicago - structural violence, structural racism, long-term and even hundreds of years of marginalization and discrimination, which directly leads to Chicago day and night. Faced with a violent crisis. "

Chi Da is still doing better

Zakrison's Office of Medicine is a teaching hospital for Pritzker School of Medicine, Chicago University School of Medicine.

In 2018, in order to respond faster to the medical emergency demand in Chicago South District in the University, Zi Dafa has established an I-level Adult Trauma Center, and the average transportation time of emergency patients in the district has dropped from previous year to 8.5 minutes. .

In response to the security of the school students, the Zeaigue School Police Department UCPD has a 24-hour police station in the crossroads of the campus, and provides a safe escort service for students.

Chi Da has also developed a Uchicago Safe Mobile app that pushes emergency information in real time. Students can also actively call UCPD rescue and send their current positions.

After Zheng Shaoxiong was killed, the Chi's generals increased by the school, and committed to strengthening the campus patrol.

At noon No. 16, the existing demonstration activities of China's international students in Chicago, indicating that "existing measures are still not enough."

A student said,

"Many students live outside of the school, and there is no clear boundaries between campus and surrounding communities. If you do not solve the security problems outside the school, other measures are not hiped."

In September this year, with the popularity of new crown vaccines, urban life gradually recovered, and Chicago's violent incident has significantly surged. According to Chicago Sun Times, compared with 2019, the criminals of Chicago city center increased by 210%.

For the future planning of Chicon, Zakrison Dr. Zakrison once said that

"We want to provide more educational opportunities for survivors of violence. People often look at those young boys, 'Oh, it is the bad child who is involved in the shooting, he seems to always be angry. The look '. This is not the need for children, they need cognitive behavioral counseling, professional psychotherapy, etc., otherwise they may become a hammer from the victim. "

Professor Lance Williams, University of Illinois, Northeast,

"In the long run, you want to protect students' safety, you must completely curb the violence of Chicago, solve the isolation from firearms to housing isolation, from education unnecessary to economic turmoil - all these have already existed before the epidemic.

Maybe spend hundreds of millions of dollars, which sounds great money, but does not solve these problems higher. "

- the end -