President's popular people choose cool?Sexual harassment is a hammer, and you can relax it in Biden.

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President's popular people choose cool?Sexual harassment is a hammer, and you can relax it in Biden.

2021-11-25 00:11:17 12 ℃

Global Network News, according to the US Chinese network, the United States New York State Parliament Judicial Members have released the survey report on the birth of the front state governor of New York. According to the report, this report was quotted during the completion of the Ninogan pneumonia epidemic, the nursing homes and pneumonia deaths, and the sexual harassment scandal, and proved Como's sexual harassment with "overwhelming evidence". The behavior is true. This news came out, and the whole beauty was up and down.

You know, the Democratic member is not simple to just a former governor of New York, or "net red" of "all thousands of pets". It is reported that in the US former President Trump is still in place, the United States first knows new crown epidemic virus, and when the politician does not act, Komo first questioned the United States to detect new crown viruses.

It should be noted that the state government in the early stage of the epidemic is the right to test the virus, only the federal government has this qualification. But seeing a fresh life in New York, the title of "judging" new crown patients, the governor ruled out unwanted, and it was strategied, and finally got the test license in March last year. The state has since then has the opportunity to detect viruses faster.

In addition, in order to better prevent new crown epidemics and calm the people, this governor not only wakes up quickly and demanded the city's traffickeeping schools, some business districts and other people's intensive places, but also launched the production and disinfection items in the state. Recover the supply of disinfection products in a hurry, even directly moved the press conference to the material warehouse, in order to prove to the people and be more abundant, no panic.

If these anti-control epidemic measures are just a matter of governor, it is not enough to let him be loved by the whole American people, then Komo is not afraid, and the behavior of Li Turon must prove he is true. Do every effort to fight against the epidemic.

It is reported that the positive value of the new York epidemic, one degree of the disaster-stricken area of ​​the new crown virus, and the US President Trump not only did not find a way to help the New York people out of the sky, but only went to the 400 ventilator. Komo, which is not afraid, directly convened the conference to shout Triang, this is not a few machines that make New Yorkers like death. With the continuous upgrade of the battle, although the federal government is unwilling, it has also added 4,000 units.

In this way, the "real" land for the people to fight for medical resources. The governor of "truth-and-hearted" anti-vulcus has become the object of Wanmin love, and is the active anti-optic performance, which makes the Democrat candidate during the epidemic. Biden's support led the first 10% of Trump.

Even the people claim to vote to Como, support him as a new president. In less than a year, in less than a year, it will make the US economy, diplomacy, public health safety, etc., the polling rate of the polls even fell below 40%, and he can't help him.

However, when Bid, I have just announced that I have been seek to seek a role. The President's popular candidate, the biggest stumbling block on the election of the election is accused of sexual harassment, the number of epidemic deaths, misappropriation of public resources to promote their books on the epidemic, and here Explore a hundred million dollars and other crimes.

The image of "Good Mr." crashed, and he is also very likely to be a prisoner. At this point, American politicians are all "Typo> 貉 , and the good-looking slope can't cover the essence of people. But in this way, I would like to relax my heart to pursue him.