Japanese crisis spread around the world?Former US Finance Minister issued a warning, China or became the key

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Japanese crisis spread around the world?Former US Finance Minister issued a warning, China or became the key

2021-11-25 00:07:50 20 ℃

A few days ago, the US Finance Minister Larry Somers said in the London Political and Economics College, the global market seems to be willing to usher in a long-term stagnation, or it will become "Japan". He said that the global economy will face low growth, low interest rates, and low inflation in the next few years, just like Japan in the past twenty years.

According to reports, although Japan is the third largest economy in the world, the total economic volume is far ahead of Germany, the United Kingdom, France and other countries, but the actual situation is that Japan has exceeded 5 trillion US dollars in 1995. After twenty years, it is still staying at this level, and Japanese economists refer to it "lost twenty years."

Due to economic cessation, Japanese society faces serious population aging, low marriage rate, low fertility, Japanese government has to give up the population reproduction, through the national finance replacement resident debt, will clear the cycle period, with high aging The cost is in exchange for social stability, but the ending is obvious, this model is actually a thirst, not for a long time, when the social regeneration capacity is overdraft, the population aging reaches a certain degree, the ending will inevitably be a large decline, even the whole Social deconstruction and demise.

It can be found that almost all developed countries in the world have fallen into Japanese-style economic suspension growth, and have a malignant circulation between population aging, slow technology progress, and a bottleneck of economic globalization, and a little overdrawn from developed countries. Although some countries can rely on high-income, high-welfare attract foreign immigrants to solve labor lack of labor and aging, it is not enough to make up for problems on the supply side and demand side, with the exhaustion of immigration resources, these countries will finally drive their own domestic demand Can you get out of the predicament.

The only exception is that China has set a miracle in the global economic suspension and even a large reversal, maintaining high-speed growth in 2000, the annual growth rate of the economy is more than 6%, which is an economic amount. More than 10 trillion US dollars is very horrible. If China can continue to maintain a rapid economic growth, it will inevitably surpass the United States in the next decade, becoming the world's first economic big country and the "train head" that drives world economy growth.

Of course, China's economic miracle does not appear in the air, but in the past seventy years, it has not been given a large amount of cost savings, covering national education, health and health, infrastructure, industrialization, etc., in the past 20 years of economic explosive growth . In the future, China will continue to invest in pre-capital investment, promote the outbreak of the scientific and technological revolution, and truly become the power source of the future world economic growth.