One of the magical beauty: Truck drivers "pain" old politicians, US politics to change

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One of the magical beauty: Truck drivers "pain" old politicians, US politics to change

2021-11-25 00:08:52 27 ℃

Follow the fund manager Yangjin defeated the old government McColif, won the Virginia governor, and the American political altar killed a black horse. In New Jersey's parliamentary elections, the republican council of the name of the name, Defend Dür, defeated the Democratic Democratic Democratic Democratic, and successfully selected with 52% of the ticket.

Originally, this is not there any news. Since Trump won the 2016 presidential election, the American political electoral explosion door is a common thing. Duur is not because of winning elections, but he only spends $ 153 in the campaign.

You know, in the United States to participate in the campaign, it is a burning money, go to the presidential election, down to the parliamentary elections, less than enough "political offer", is hard to win.

With Dur's opponent, he served as a case of Stephen Sweeti, who has been the head of the State Senate. The speaker is at the seat, and he is more than 20 million US dollars. Durlian's zero is not reached.

How to see this matter, there is a greasy, it's unfiriable, the official is so fast, according to the Associated Press, Dür has spent $ 1,53, he is full of $ 2,300, but another part is not registered in the campaign financial record middle.

When the news came out, I would like to give some speechlessly, I thought it would have any shocking, is it comparable to $ 2,300 and $ 20 million?

What is more magical is that Dur is actually a truck driver. This identity is in the US government of politics. It is really a clear. On the surface, Dur is an ordinary working worker in the bottom of society. In fact, the influence of truck drivers is not small in the United States, and even some people predict that Dur's election is likely to change the future of the United States.

The problem is coming, what is the cause of the US truck driver so important?

The most straightforward reason is the way the United States goes industrialization. After the third industrial revolution, the proportion of manufacturing in the United States declined year by year, and today, Americans have become accustomed to working for them to work for them, and all kinds of supplies in daily life are almost rely on import.

Since it is necessary to import, logistics transportation is essential. After transporting goods in other countries, the local logistics company needs to be transported into various plants. During this process, the importance of truck drivers is self-evident.

At the same time, the retail industry in the United States has also been growing, and the transportation demand for domestic goods is also increasingly expanding, and the status of truck drivers is further improved. According to the data released by the US Freight Association, the 2019 Truck Truck Truck is 791.7 billion US dollars, accounting for 80.4% of all shipping costs in the country, with a total transportation of 11.84 billion tons, accounting for 72.5% of total transportation weight. It is expected that by 2027, this tonnage will also increase 27%.

The formation of stark contrast is the number of truck drivers. A few days ago, the US Truck Transport Association issued a statement that this year's truck driver's gap is as high as 80,000, far exceeds $ 600,800 in 2018.

Many people think that it is because the truck driver earns less than the of the truck. In fact, their salary is not low, and the monthly salary of previous years is between $ 6,000-8,000. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the monthly salary of the truck can even reach 10,000 US dollars, almost three times the waiter.

That is, everyone is not willing to go to the truck? The answer is very simple, too tired. Drivers who have opened large trucks know that for a few days, more than a few weeks, a few weeks, one down, back pain, back pain. And proud American new youth, can't stand this bitter.

Don't say this real physical strength, they are even more tired. With the increasing American promotion of "Black Friday" Capitalists have increased their salary for them.

The outbreak of the epidemic is even more intensified. Since last year, in order to stimulate economic recovery, no bottom line print, give aid for poor people, don't have to do it every month, you can get a $ 100 subsidies, who is willing to go to work, let alone Going to the driver with a bitter and tired truck.

In addition, the trade union makes a gap, and is one of the shortages of truck drivers. This year, the United States has encountered the most serious supply chain crisis in 70 years. More than 200,000 containers are stacked in the port waiting for unloading. On this feeding of people, the union actually incited the truck driver strike.

Familiar with the US transportation knows that every year's freight season, the union will come to this, the purpose is to want money, want to make the truck driver work, improve salary. If you think that the trade union is really interested for workers, it is wrong, there is no lunch in the world, even if there is, it will not be in the United States.

Taking the US Well-developed Trade Union UAW (the United States Automobile Workers' Federation), if you want to become a car worker, you must join the UAW. It is necessary to pay 5% of the income every year as a conference. As a return, the trade union promises to win 3% -4% for workers every year. Salary. However, after deducting the contribution, the salary that the worker gets is less than the original.

There is also a result that the company gives the trade union a sealing fee, let them pay the situation, so that the salary of workers has not risen, the trade will still get the money. In short, the United States's union is a double-sided anti-blood. Not just a trade union, other US organizations are also a virtue. Our familiar BLM (Black Lives Matter, commonly known as blackurate) organization, the name of the United States is a black person to fight against the equality of white people, and the result is exposed to the main leader of the blackuble, Karlos, in the White District There are four sets of luxury homes, holding funds raised by the organization, there have been the life of rich people, even Americans are ironic.

In order to avoid the uncertainty of truck drivers, Wal-Mart, the largest retail company in the United States, began to use automatic drone truck delivery. After seeing the effect, another retail giant Amazon quickly copied, and purchased 1000 sets of truck automatic driving systems to Zhijia Technology. A truck assembled with this system can drive nearly 1600 kilometers per day, far above truck drivers.

This truck driver couldn't sit again. Under the leadership of the trade union, they filed a lawsuit against logistics companies and asked them to use unmanned trucks. This is not the first time, in 2017, the US truck driver union proposed to suspend the proposal to use the drone truck, and finally succeeded.

In addition to trucks, ports cannot be automated. As the world's largest net importer, the United States has not realized port automation, far behind China. Last year, the World Bank issued a container port performance index showed that 48 major ports in the United States, no one in the top 50 in the list.

Interestingly, Biden's incidents stacked on the container, and clearly prohibit the use of funds for port automation. The reason is that there is no one million members of the truck union, plus their families, that is, tens of millions of white flowers, not to mention the main sources of "political dedication".

Because of this, the United States has fallen into a dead cycle. To solve the problem of shortage of truck drivers, the truck and port automation must be upgraded, but under the strong opposition of truck drivers and trade unions, the upgrade plan can only be dead.

Today, Dürr is elected as a member of the United States, it is also an opportunity. On the one hand, if it is a union behind him, it is still the old routine, politician and capital to join hands, and cut the ordinary people, the United States is increasingly decay.

If he is not? That may be the beginning of the US political discovery. The United States is strong, in addition to the advantages of external economic, political, military, etc., the most important point is that they have extremely stable political systems, namely capital and politicians, and manipulate voters to vote for them.

As a result, Trump, Biden these people came to stage, not only did not save the decline, but the United States became worse. Despite this, the American society still has no collapse, because this is the result of the people's own choice, and the freedom of democracy needs to pay the price.

Now there is no background Dur to go to the stage, do you mean the awakening of the American people, they are not willing to be placed, and they should vote to push the people that can actually represent their own class. For politicians and capital, pure public opinion is the biggest impact on existing political systems.

However, all this is unknown, only waiting for time to verify.