American business can't hold!Go directly to China to purchase: cost does not matter, you can get the goods

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American business can't hold!Go directly to China to purchase: cost does not matter, you can get the goods

2021-11-25 00:09:15 19 ℃

Observer network news, according to the US National Broadcasting Company, a US retailer that is deeply affected by the supply chain crisis, port congestion, and the lack of goods inventory, facing the upcoming "black Friday" and Christmas super shopping seasons I can't hold it, "empty or empty" warehouse forces them to "other ways". Recently, many American merchants choose to pick up the goods in the country to avoid the backlog of goods caused by port congestion, and there is no sale.

The report said that this is not an extreme example. Take the doll toy with the North American years of many years. These airplanes filled with peas have takeoff all from China Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

After flying nearly 10,000 kilometers, it was successfully provided with a Christmas with a baby bean baby. However, it should be noted that each flight cost is between 1.5 million to 2 million US dollars (approximately RMB 9.6 million to 12.8 million).

In the face of such high transportation costs, American merchants seem to be "not intentional". It is reported that a online baby item store in New Jersey has changed its goal of purchasing goods from the US supply distributor to China's merchandise manufacturer. The Chief Operating Officer of this baby supplies explained, which is done because it is supplied by the supplier, and it is a long and complicated process.

But if you replace it directly to the Chinese manufacturer, the situation is completely different. In addition, the chief operator said that the biggest problem they face now is not how to save money, but how to get more goods, the cost is not necessarily.

Although this behavior of American merchants is just a small thing to replace suppliers in the eyes of ordinary consumers, this is a big event for American merchants. You know, although the United States is a country that is seriously relying on imported, in accordance with the practice of US retailers, they are generally sold from the US large dealers.

Even if you really have the case of China's purchase of products, it is also to see the price advantage provided by Chinese manufacturers. However, in the "狂" of the US Supply Chain Crisis, they never look straight to the shortage of supply, and the lack of stock "empty, such as the same" scene. The problem of US economic lagging is hereby visible.

And this situation has nothing to do with the "century congestion" of the United States. According to reports, although the US merchant chooses to choose air or go to China's self-contained goods to reduce the burden of the US port, it is still no significant change in the largest port of South California, the largest port of the United States. The vessel waiting for the two Hong Kong reached nearly 160, and more than 100 of them were contained.

In addition, the shortage of truck drivers does not have to say more. The gap of the 80,000 truck driver leads to the efficiency of the low port unloading work more longer. Queuing in Hong Kong, queuing loading and unloading to the queue transportation, this ring ring, one custom is not possible to complete the week. This is no wonder that American business is preferred to spend millions of dollar charters to China, and they are not willing to send the US port to reverse the situation.