Better than the US!American scholars lamented: China's improvement and ASEAN relations are to prove they to the world

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Better than the US!American scholars lamented: China's improvement and ASEAN relations are to prove they to the world

2021-11-25 00:11:10 13 ℃

On November 22nd, "China-ASEAN Establishment Dialogue Relationship 30th Anniversary Summit" announced the improvement of China's relationship between China and ASEAN, and the original "strategic partnership" is upgraded to "comprehensive strategic partnership", And commit to ASEAN, will import $ 150 billion in ASEAN agricultural products in the next five years, will also provide ASEAN with a $ 1.5 billion development fund within 3 years.

These initiatives have received the positive response and welcoming of ASEAN state leaders. Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong pointed out that this upgrade has mutual benefit and substantive, meaning that both parties will launch a deeper cooperation in various fields, significant. Vietnamese Prime Minister Fan Mingzheng also said that the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership is the embodiment of cooperation in China and ASEAN for 30 years.

Some experts said that the difference between the new and old relationships is that there is more "comprehensive", which indicates that the scope of cooperation between China and ASEAN will be further expanded. The original two sides focus on cooperation in the economic sector. After the relationship is improved, it can extend to the more sensitive areas of political, safety, etc..

It should be noted that Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand in the ASEAN, are already a comprehensive strategic partner in China, more than one level of "comprehensive strategic partners". Both parties also have short history in joint law enforcement, weapon export, military exercise, etc. But on the entire ASEAN level, the partnership between the two sides seems to be shed and out of life, and even the formal defense minister dialogue mechanism is not available.

In addition, from the level of diplomacy, the relationship between ASEAN and China belongs to the "Strategic Partner" level, according to China's definition, this can only be ranked first, with Canada, Nigeria and other countries. In general, there are many countries in this level, most of which are some oil and gas resources or mineral resources, only in the "key field" such as energy minerals, and there is no other way in addition to this.

"Comprehensive Strategic Partners" can be ranked 4th, including Western developed countries such as the UK, France, and regional organizations like the EU. After rising to this level, there is an important and comprehensive strategic value of China on behalf of ASEAN, and the relationship between the two parties cannot be synonymous.

Experts believe that the relationship between ASEAN and China has long lagging behind the friendly ASEAN countries, mainly because of individual ASEAN member states and disputes with China in China.

For example, in the Philippines, there were two vessels that were repaired by the military to the Nansha Islands Renai Reef, and were stopped by the Chinese sea police ship. However, the Philippines has poured a hike, accuseing China's mautian police uses water guns to the invasion of the ship "too crude" and protested for this. Previously, similar conflict events and unhealthy speculation were more numerous.

However, in American scholars, this difference does not hinder China's strengthening and ASEAN relationship. Josh Krandsk, Southeast Asian Researcher, Southeast Asia, said that China hopes that China hopes to establish economic integration with ASEAN, and try to show its own and the United States. The relationship between China will upgrade to ASEAN as "comprehensive strategic partnership", which is to tell the outside world, China is "more reliable" economic partner than the United States.

The data shows that last year ASEAN has exceeded the EU to become China's largest trading partner, the trade volume of both parties reached $ 732 billion. In the first 10 months this year, China and ASEAN trade have reached 703.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 30% year-on-year, and it is expected to refresh the historical record again. In addition, China and ASEAN have accumulated bidirectional investment volumes have exceeded $ 300 billion, and both parties have intensively blend them.

It has been analyzed that the US has frequently throwing a bait hook to the ASEAN, but as a country outside the country, the United States is difficult to compete with China in the Asia-Pacific region. As China has played a series of ace, the wind within ASEAN will completely reverse China, and the continuous stirring in the United States will ultimately fall.