Iran painted the United States "rogue", requiring prove to keep your credit, otherwise it does not recognize the Iraqi Agreement

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Iran painted the United States "rogue", requiring prove to keep your credit, otherwise it does not recognize the Iraqi Agreement

2021-11-25 00:06:56 14 ℃

According to the "Global Times" reported on November 4, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson recently enjoys the United States "rogue", thinking that "What must I do", in order to let the outside world (including Iran and the United States) believe in the US presidential signature and commitment It is effective, in other words, that is, the United States must prove that he is "keeping the credit", the speech count.

Considering that the United States is pressing Iran to join the "Iranian Agreement", if Biden can't satisfy Tehran, Iran may not recognize the "Iranian Agreement". The reason why Iran is so "do not believe" the United States, mainly because of two reasons, on the one hand, Iran has been sold in the United States in the "Iranian Agreement", Iran complies with all the terms of the nuclear agreement, but US President Ranp still exited the agreement.

This makes Iran very wronged and very angry. At the same time, Iranian President Ruhany is very embarrassing, because Ruhany is an Iran's reformist, and the Lord signed the "Iranian Agreement", including the United States, China, Russia. In order to commit non-developing nuclear weapons, exchange powers in the United States to cancel sanctions and legally use nuclear energy.

As a result, the United States took "须", in order to please Jews, the "Iranian Agreement" has been exited without any effect, so that the President of Luhany was angered by the highest leader Hamene, the latter, "United States People cannot be believed by people. " The so-called "a snake bites, ten years is afraid of the well rope", Iran has eaten so big losses in the US, I want to believe in the United States, of course, is more difficult.

In particular, Iran did not do anything wrong, since the United States can decline the first time, it can be declined to be second, and even then. On the other hand, in recent days, the US Republican Senator Ted Cruz will openly, and Biden cannot let the Senate pass the Iranian nuclear agreement and cannot guarantee the US "no second contract".

Since the United States can't return to the Iranian Agreement, then in the Iranian Foreign Ministry, the current Vienna negotiating, still talking about the yarn? Ok, even the US Ida has completed the compromise, the United States lifted the sanctions against Iran, and also returned to the Iranian agreement. The United States still can't guarantee that the effectiveness of this agreement will be bigger, sign The meaning is not big.

After all, the United States wants to come, I want to go, how is it easy to play? Therefore, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires the United States to "do something", let Iran and other countries believe in the United States "speaking calculation", "is credible". However, it is important to point out that Iran's appeal is destined to be futile, because the US policy completely follows his own national interest, or even the interests of leaders.

For example, as China's growing, the United States will open to the "three joint communiques" reached when China and the United States, and it also violates a series of political documents signed by Sino-US, from here you can see that the United States has no credit. The reason why "keeping credit" is because the current statement is in line with the interests of the United States. When "keeping the credit" no longer in line with the US interests, the United States is not only speaking, but also "table".

For example, the "Iranian Nuclear Agreement" is in line with the interests of the United States, because the stability of the Middle East is conducive to the United States to have to deal with China, but Trump has quit the "Iranian Agreement" for your own interests. This is to please Jewish consortium, please Jews, Trump also said, "Not more favorable than I was elected."

Israel wants to get Iran, so Trump is declared, not only decorate, but also assassinated Sulemanni. As can be seen from here, the United States is destined to be a unable credit country, which is completely relying on the rule. Recently, the US warship suddenly assembled in the Bay of Oman, and built an Iranian tanker, and then the Iranian revolutionary guards launched actions to regain the control of the tanker. It seems that the United States is completely ignorant, and also knocks the Iran knock.