Take China Taiwan as "chips" to bargain with China?The US "buy and sells" thinking is still "special aspect"?

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Take China Taiwan as "chips" to bargain with China?The US "buy and sells" thinking is still "special aspect"?

2021-11-25 00:10:50 16 ℃

In the US election last year, some people think that Biden and Trump are two completely different candidates, but from Biden's president of the US president near the year, these two seemingly tat strokes, different parties People don't have any essential differences in the things that are doing, based on the US interests, use the US power to see more benefits for the United States. This is reflected in the Taiwan issue.

As we all know, in the past few decades, the United States has always been in Chinese Taiwan to make an article. Especially when China and the United States are important negotiations, the strength of the United States to do article in Taiwan issues will usually be further increased. The purpose of this is also very simple, just wants to make Taiwan as a chip in the United States negotiations. To exchange China's interest in other aspects in its attitude towards Taiwan.

This kind of roller Trump is used as the president, and it is still useful after the president. In the case of the leaders of the Chinese and American leaders, the United States is obviously used in the same way before this.

In October this year, there was a so-called US media exposed the US military personnel in Taiwan's news. After Cai Ying confirmed this news in an interview with US media, then there was another US The Congress of the Congress is obsessed with Taiwan. These actions are obviously not accidental. Before the leaders of China, the leaders of China, they frequently occurred these inhaused bilateral contradictions, and there were likely to be promoted by the United States, the purpose is to increase their game chips held in the meeting.

However, this set of the United States is now getting more and more effect, because China has already been familiar with this routine in the United States. Moreover, China's attitude towards the Taiwan issue has always been resolute, and the United States wants to be an article on this issue, in fact, it is playing.

In fact, combing the United States to a series of actions around the world, essentially not jumping out of its inherent thinking, but relying on the power and influence of the United States to seek benefits. But the current international environment has changed, the United States needs to change their way of thinking, truly respected and cooperate to work as an engine that promotes the development of the United States, rather than always thinking about playing these tactics, that set is now NS. After all, the eyes of each country are bright, and it will not be appointed by the United States to take their own interests.