Pfizer asked Brazil to hand over the sovereignty!After a hundred humiliation contract exposures, give a lesson

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Pfizer asked Brazil to hand over the sovereignty!After a hundred humiliation contract exposures, give a lesson

2021-11-25 00:07:27 24 ℃

According to November 12th, many countries around the world still suffer from new crown epidemics, but the US Pfizer has led by this opportunity to use the vaccine to make some cooperation countries to share sovereignty. The media exposed a general contract, and Pfizer requested Brazil to deliver sovereignty and put forward various possible compensation, even if Brazil makes a lot of concessions, Pf Rui still cannot guarantee the time of delivery. Some media believe that this is simply a vaccine Ling Ba, the US Pfizer has gave a lesson around the world.

Recently, the media exposed the contract between Pfizer and Brazil, and the content is shocking. Brazil has been affected by new crown epidemics, and I hope to buy Pfizer vaccine. Pfizer requested Brazil to abandon the sovereignty of overseas assets, which is a prerequisite for the purchase of vaccines, but Pfizer does not guarantee when to deliver the vaccine, if the delivery is delayed, Pfizer will assume any responsibility, if you have any side effects in use, Pfizer will not take any responsibility. Pfizer asked the Brazilian government to strictly confidently confidential contract terms and cannot reveal any details to the outside world. Pfizer controls the donation of the vaccine, even if there is a country to buy a Pfizer's vaccine, it is necessary to donate to Brazil, Brazil cannot accept. If Brazil accepted donated vaccine, Pfizer will provide supply, but Brazil still needs to pay the remaining amount.

Pfizer signed the intellectual property disclaim agreement with Brazil. If Pfizer infringes the intellectual property rights of Brazil, the Brazilian government must face litigations. If you lose, the Brazilian government should bear liability, and there is no relationship with Pfizer. If Brazil wants to end the contract with Pfizer, the secret arbitration is required, and the place of arbitration is in New York, apparently such arbitral Brazil is impossible. Pfizer has the right to take over the state-owned assets in Brazil. If Brazil does not comply with the contract with Pfizer, Pfizer will recover its state-owned assets as compensation, including bank accounts, real estate and oil companies. All terms are very harsh, equivalent to selling sovereignty, but even if this is, Brazil will not be able to get a vaccine, because the vaccine price, delivery time, payment method is all Pfizer, if the two parties have contradictions It is also Pfizer to say that Brazil does not have any rights to oppose.

The provisions of the contract with Pfizer and Brazil are not like commercial trading, more like a vaccine Ling. As one of the world's most deadly pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer is nothing responsible, just want to make more black hearts in the epidemic. If Pfizer is just a relatively high price, it is not too much, but it is directly in the contract to develop overlord clauses, which is completely bullying without vaccine research and development capabilities, and can only pinch the nose Acceptance. I think it is, fortunately, China can also provide new crown vaccines worldwide, otherwise Pfizer will put forward more demands?

Pfizer's new crown vaccine has a non-small side effect, but some countries do not seem to have more choices. For Brazil, although it is shocking with the contractual terms signed by Pfizer, it is also from Brazil. Before the cooperation between Brazil and Cooperation, Colescore provided a large number of vaccines, but there were all kinds of unfriendly speech in Brazil, directly affected the cooperation between the two sides, and might experience the Horting of Pfizer, Brazil Regret.