After "100 days of entering the city", Atta official is bigger, the waist is more rounded?

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After "100 days of entering the city", Atta official is bigger, the waist is more rounded?

2021-11-25 14:43:22 12 ℃

Quick view

- Net transmission Afghan Taliban "The picture celebrates 100 days", it is actually the scene chart when the Taliban negotiation representative and the Pepeho talks, and the abdomen of the person is obviously p.

- As of now, there is no evidence that the Afghan Taliban has held a meeting for "100 days of celebration."

Event background

Recently, a picture is circulated on the Chinese network. It is said that "Afghan Taliban held a meeting today, celebrating the governance 100 days." In the picture, the five men stand side by side, wrapped in head towels, wearing a hood, and the lower abdomen.

In this popular picture, there is no time, place, and participant's identity. It is quite significant that men in the picture "Taliban high officials", the abdomen is very prominent, and there is also a comment on the "100 days of entering the city" in this network.

Then, the soldiers did not control the Taliban of Kabul to seize the power of the regime.


Where is the related picture?

Use the TINEYE Identification tool to see the above picture, you can find that the picture has appeared in 2020. On November 21, 2020, the US National Radio and Television (NBC) reported that the US Secretary of State Pengpeo met in Qatar and the Taliban delegation, but also on the day of the mortar attack on Kabul. Raise inquiry.

The above picture is used in the report. According to the following text description, the picture was taken by photographer Semansky, showing the picture of the Taliban negotiating representatives and Petro, Taliban, November 21, 2020.

It is compared to the original map of the Near Day and the original map of Sushmanzki. It can be found that in two pictures, the characters of the characters are consistent with the paintings, wall hanging paintings, rug patterns, table and chair patterns. However, the online picture will take the right old man in the original picture, and the remaining 5 men's abdominal dimensions seem to have increased significantly.

Use image processing software Photoshop to adjust the size and transparency of two images, adjust the head of the characters in the figure to the same ratio, can be observed: the face and background environment of the characters in two images can completely coincide, and the character is for the lens The direction is consistent. This means that the shooting angle of the two images is exactly the same, but the abdomen of the characters in the network is obviously murdered.

Two pictures of the faces and background environments can be completely coincident, and the character is consistent for the direction of the lens, but the abdomen of the characters in the picture is significantly increased by the original picture.

After identifying the Net Pictures with professional image identification tools, it can be confirmed that the front portion of the character clothes in the picture has obvious editing traces.

ELA identification, under similar clothing material and color contrast conditions, the brightness of the abdominal clothing in the picture is brighter than the pants (green frame portion) of the pants (green frame portion) in the picture, indicating that the former has been more processed. .

In the original, the brightness of the pattern contour display is basically consistent under the same costume and color comparison conditions.

The meeting did not open?

Since April this year, US President Biden announced that the US military will withdraw from Afghanistan before September 11, the Afghan Taliban militants began to attack the city in Afghanistan. On August 15, the Afghan Taliban did not enter the capital Kabul, and the presidential palace was controlled to seize the regime.

On August 17, the Afghan Taliban held the first press conference since the control of Afghanistan. On August 19th, the Taliban official spokesperson Zabiula Mujahed released Afghanistan from the Name of British rule in the name of "Islamic Emirates" in Afghanistan. This statement was regarded as a Declaration of "Jianguo" declaration after the Taliban took over Kabul.

On September 7, the Taliban announced the "Afghan Islamic Emirates" provisional government agency and a list of partial cabinet members. 4 days later, the Afghan Taliban temporary government was raised by the Presidential Palace and announced the new government to start working.

According to the above schedule, even if the "Ruling 100 Days" began to count from the Taliban's actual control of Afghanistan, "the" Governing 100 Days ", on November 23, the picture of the" Afghan Taliban opening celebration is the latest picture " On November 20th, it has spread on Chinese network.

Afghan Taliban Temporary Government's main list.

In Google, the information related to the above-mentioned temporary government personnel in the past week cannot be found to celebrate the 10th day of the Taliban ruling 100 days.

Therefore, in the opening of the online news, not only the picture is falsified, the "meeting" itself is not dependent.