Walkows need to attack!African China Enterprises once again hit: 1 soldier died, 5 people were kidnapped

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Walkows need to attack!African China Enterprises once again hit: 1 soldier died, 5 people were kidnapped

2021-11-25 14:42:47 25 ℃

In 1971, we successfully returned to the United Nations and legally owned the seats of the Permanent Council of the Council. This diplomatic victory is not only related to the changes in the international situation, but also more than a deep friendship between African countries. Even in the period internally traveled, we also vigorously assist in African countries. The good relationship between both parties has continued until today. Our assistance to Africa has never been aborted. In addition to direct material assistance, we also help Africa's construction in multiple fields. Many domestic companies have made an important contribution to local economic development for many years. Regrettably, the environment of the African continent is turbulent, the attack is frequent, recently, and the five compatriots have been kidnapped in Africa. More sadly, such an event is not a special case, but often occurs.

On November 21, local time, a gold mite in the Congo was suddenly attacked. The location of our compatriots once sounded, and the soldiers stationed in the scene were countered and eventually lost. Preliminary survey found that attackers were laid out of 7 people, 5 of which were our compatriots, and 2 people were a soldier of the Congo. One person was seriously injured. One person is dead. This type of kidnapping incident has happened many times. In August this year, there was an unidentified attacker kidnapped three our compatriots. Due to the complex situation of local situations, sudden attacks and robbery have repeatedly emerged. The Gold Embassy in the Congo also warned the people, and the compatriots in the Congo were not necessary, don't go out. Do not go to the vocational provinces, and those who remain in the relevant regions are still stood in the relevant regions. If necessary, you can seek help from the local police or the embassy. Instead, there is still armed conflicts in many countries in Africa.

In April this year, our 2 compatriots were attacked in Angola, causing one person injured. On the same day, 2 compatriots were injured and robbed. Also in April, a construction site in Nigeria has also been attacked, causing 3 deaths, one of which is our compatriots, and the other two are local police. In addition, two compatriots were kidnapped. The two hostages were rescued later, and they did not hurt.

It can be seen that there are mostly on our construction site, and those who are kidnapped and even killed are based on the basics of African countries. Similar incidents have repeatedly occurred, we should be vigilant, in addition to reminding people to pay attention to prevention, and actively investigate, it can also solve this matter through diplomatic channels when necessary. We have to show our kindness to African countries, strengthen our cooperation and exchanges, but also to effect our position and effectively protect our compatriots and safety. In the movie of "Wolf", the male protagonist relies on our national flag safe through the invarished area. This kind of art work reflects reality. It is fully demonstrated that our comprehensive national strength and international influence have been widely recognized. And this strength is the bottom gas and guarantee of compatriots overseas. Nowadays, the situation in African countries is chaotic, and the confrontation of local forces has repeatedly spreads our compatriots, and even paying the cost of life. In this regard, "Wolf" needs to attack, truly show our strength and influence.