Japan is also eyeing my country's cigarette butt?Flower high price is a large number of acquisitions, there is an unspeakable purpose

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Japan is also eyeing my country's cigarette butt?Flower high price is a large number of acquisitions, there is an unspeakable purpose

2021-11-25 14:43:24 16 ℃

The smoke tones are not different in our eyes, but in fact, the cigarette butt can turn waste into treasure, which is not a high price to take a lot of acquisitions, so that the outside world is very curious, what is the secret of the country? What do you want to get?

In recent years, as people have improved environmental protection awareness, the recycling market has become very hot, especially if they recover old clothes are sought after by the people, and some communities have a special old clothes recycling station. It is understood that after throwing the old clothes into the recycling station, they can donate to the mountainous areas and some poverty-stricken areas through a series of processes, so they can wear warm. There are also some schools that will also organize donations and educate children to pass on love. Experts said that the recycling of waste items re-uses the role of energy conservation and emission reduction, and in the moment, such a behavior is also a power for environmental protection.

It is worth noting that the recycling of old clothes can understand, but the recycling market has still had a large number of "cigarette tips", and my country's cigarette butt is exported to Japan. What is going on? According to relevant reports, Japan, Japan, with environmentally friendly banner, acquired cigarette butt with 6 yuan per kilogram. This makes some people in their free time, or spontaneously pick up the cigarette butt and hoard. As a kind of harmful garbage, the cigarette is full of nicotine and tar, this is very curious, what is the recycling value of the people who have been displaced? And Japan stares on our cigarette butt, what is the secret of not misalgiving?

Experts said that the cigarette butt seems to be inoperable, in fact, the material of the materials used in the filter is very important, and my country has to import a large number of materials from abroad every year, the price of one ton is around 20,000 yuan. In addition, substances such as eggliol in the cigarette head are also important pesticide raw materials, which can also become a material for medical devices after treatment. In other words, as long as the key material can be extracted, the cigarette is a big effect. As a resource lack of resource, Japan wants to buy industrial raw materials to buy to other countries, which is an economic burden.

Therefore, in the case where the epidemic is swept around the world, the industrial raw material is madly, Japan thinks that recycling is reused, directly reducing production costs. It is undeniable that renewable resources and the use of resource recycling are critical in the increasing shortage of earth energy, and Japan has advanced cognition in this area. Previously, in the Tokyo Olympics, from the medals to the athletes, they used all of the recyclable materials, and the Japanese other behaviors did not talk. In terms of resource recycling, countries should indeed paying attention.