French family died in the new crown in a week without a vaccine

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French family died in the new crown in a week without a vaccine

2021-11-25 14:43:02 6 ℃

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Overseas November 25th

A family of three in Kurseler-Soviet Suduva died of new crown infection within a week, which is attracting attention in the local area.

According to "Fuji Morning News", Kursell-Soviet Sapuva is a small town with only 80 residents. In less than a week, a family of three died in a new crown. The 48-year-old Son Dominici is died in the new crown on November 14 and was found in his parent. The next day, its 82-year-old mother Odir Pi is new crown infected with Vi Thai Hospital. Just five days later, Audil's 89-year-old husband Robert is died in November 20 on November 20. It is reported that this family has no new championship.

Minher Michel Hongblo said in an interview with French "Western Daily", this is a tragic incident, and the three people in the same family die in such a short period of time, "Just like the whole town Like all the residents, I have always been shocked. "He also emphasized the importance of vaccination new crown vaccine," It should be sent to vaccinate the new crown vaccine, but should take the new crown vaccine. People must understand that they need to protect themselves, family And friends. "

Robert and Odir's daughter-in-law, Domini's nectari UAfa skin appealed in an interview with the "Fuji Morning News", "People should not take new crown viruses as a joke, I hope people should treat it seriously, strengthen self-protection, and comply with protection Provisions, vaccination of new crown vaccines, vaccination can save us. "

On the occasion of France suffering from the fifth wave of epidemic, these calls for echoes with the government's initiative. Patients with French new crown infections were rapidly increased. As of the afternoon of the 24th, 32591 cases were recorded within 24 hours, breaking the number of increasing diagnosis records since the last seven months, so that new crown patients reached 74,83282 cases. (Overseas Network - Paris - Lujia)