Lithuania is too funny, facing China's strong counter-system, the reason is ridiculous to Kong B

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Lithuania is too funny, facing China's strong counter-system, the reason is ridiculous to Kong B

2021-11-25 14:43:13 11 ℃

That's the most stupid person who is a fool.

According to the World Times November 22, in the face of Lithuania allowed the Office of the Office to establish a so-called "Taiwan Representative Office in the Lithuania", Lithuania was still forcing to give back to their own, and interfere with his national administration's behavior "plus". Mantas Addam, deputy director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Lithuania, announced that the representative office established in Vilnius did not have "diplomatic status" in Vilnius, and the Trollt Dieter of Lithuania. Also do a related statement.

Since the August of August, I have established a so-called representative office in August for several years, and I have been embarrassed to "break" difficulties to treat this as a "major diplomatic breakthrough". If there is no "diplomatic status", how can the Taiwan authorities have not seen Lithuania when they have such species? I know that the name of this representative itself has diplomatic means that Lithuania has repeatedly opposed and protests many times in China, but it is insisted that Lithuania thought China's good deception? The argument of the deputy director of the proceedings, like the one of Kong B blasts to argue with the crux of the gluten, "Stealing the book can't be thought about stealing book".

It is a millennium old fox, what Liao Zhai is playing. China never stops Taiwan from conducting cooperation with countries in China. Not only Lithuania can't work, but even the United States can't. Know that this is the bottom line of China, Lithuania is not to play fire, if China does not make a counter-system, other countries in the world think that China is not a 40-meter long big knife.

Addamas's defense is obvious to talk about China. To say to play the text game, China is the old ancestors of Lithuania, do not take out practical actions to satisfy China, we will believe this pale and powerful odor? And the reason why he makes this explanation is also a decision to reduce the diplomatic relationship between neutrality into the secondary relationship between China. It is aware that the deterioration is one of the five often of the United Nations. Negative impact.

Don't look at the trade volume of neutrality is $ 2135 billion, it is not worth mentioning with China and other trade volumes, but it has a different meaning in Lithuania. At present, the global economy is still in the recession, and Lithuania has fallen sharply from the last year, but neutral trade has risen against the trend, still maintaining a year-on-year growth situation. It can be seen that the development of China is the key to the economic development of Lithuania. Now neutral diplomatic relations have been reduced to a grade, and neutral trade has undoubtedly be seriously affected, and Taiwan, which is a province in China, can also bring how much economic interests in Lithuania, this account will be clear or longer sooner or later.

The attitude of China's release is very obvious, Lithuania does not climb horse, correct mistakes, China does not believe any explanation of cubes, and will not relax the process of cubic. If the Lithuanian politicians really care about their own national interests, it should make up for practical actions, strive for China's understanding, rather than self-defending.