The Yue Yue is talking about China's topic, Japan: Japan wants to teamed up with Vietnam to curb China's influence in ASEAN

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The Yue Yue is talking about China's topic, Japan: Japan wants to teamed up with Vietnam to curb China's influence in ASEAN

2021-11-25 14:42:48 5 ℃

[Global Times Special Reporter Yang Jun Global Times Special Reporter Sun Peng] According to the Journal of the Common Society, the Japanese Prime Minister Suda Tu Xiong held a talks with the Vietnamese Prime Minister Fan Ming Government visited by the Japanese, and the two sides deepen bilateral relations and promoted the implementation of "free open". The issues such as India and other issues have been agreed. This is the first to meet foreign leaders in Japan for the first time in Japan. It is worth noting that the two people talk about China's issues 24th, once again confirmed to cooperate with regional issues such as Donghai and South China Sea.

Japan NHK TV website reported that the Banka said that "Vietnam is an important partner of the" Free Open ". I believe that Vietnamese in Vietnam and Vietnamese in Japan will play an important role in the development of the two countries. Role. "During the talks, both sides express" worry "on" China "in the East China Sea and South China Sea" and unanimously agree to maintain rule-based international order. Common Society, Japan, the government issued a joint statement on the 24th that the leaders of the two countries expressed their serious concern about the situation in the South China Sea, confirmed the importance of sailing freedom and peaceful resolution disputes, and emphasized that relevant countries should not take Unilateral actions such as military and change status are important. In addition, the Japanese current news agency said that the land field and Fan Mingzheng agreed to deepen the cooperation between the two national security, and clear that Japan will be defeated to Vietnam export ships. For China's "Comprehensive and Progressive Cross-Pacific Partnership Agreement" (CPTPP), both parties agree to maintain the high standards of the agreement to join the threshold.

On the day before the day of the day, the Director of the two countries also conducted talks, and the topic also revolved around China. According to Japan Fuji News Network (FNN), the Japanese defense ministerial Chan Cinniff held a talks with Vietnamese Pan Wenjiang at the 23rd, "Japan and Vietnam's security environment is more severe, in the East China Sea In the case of the South China Sea, the situation intempting to rely on the power of unilateral changes is more serious, "calling on Vietnam to further strengthen cooperation with Japan. The Japanese current news agency said that the statement of the Cunfu is targeting China. Dynasty News Network analysis said that Vietnam is tense with China in the South China Sea issue, so it hopes to strengthen relationship with Japan.

The Japanese media will be highly concerned about the Japanese media. Common Social Analysis said that the meeting of the Prime Minister of Shorefield and Vietnamese highlights him interested in facing face diplomacy stagnant due to neoguanponic epidemic. According to the analysis of Japan, ASEAN is the key to promoting the concept of "free open printing, and the Vietnam of ASEAN member states, which is a partner with extensive strategic interests with Japan. Vietnam is facing "China's pressure on the establishment of military bases and sovereign disputes in the South China Sea", so Vietnam has "common problem awareness" in Vietnam. "Japan's Economic News" said that at the end of 2012, Abe once again as a prime minister again, the first talk object was Vietnam. After the first prime minister, Junyi will also serve Viet Nam as an overseas first visit. The shooting field is also the same as two predecessors in this year, and it is designed to show Japanese attachment to Vietnam at home and abroad. Vietnam is an important part of ASEAN's strategy of China. In 2022, Cambodia, which is close to China will become a presidential president of ASEAN, which may lead to China's influence of ASEAN. Therefore, Japan's relationship with Vietnam is also the influence of China 's ASEAN with Vietnam.

In the ocean issue, the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that China's perseverance is determined to maintain the country's territorial sovereignty and marine rights and interests, and we will continue to properly handle differences with relevant countries through consultation. Any external forces will only give unnecessary interference from peace and tranquility in the region with any excuses to intervene in the East China Sea.

In addition to the diplomatic activities around China, the Songtian Government has also emerged in the internal part of the ruling party. According to the "Daily News" reported that the first deputy of Japan, Sato, the president of the Self-Democratic Foreign Ministry, on the meeting of the self-owned party headquarters on the same day, said that "he was invited to visit Hua", in the United States, Biden Government In the context of the "diplomatic boycott" in Beijing Winter Olympics, "Japan's visit to China is tantamount to transporting a completely wrong information to overseas", and urges the Japanese government to carefully.

In this regard, Lin Fang is responding on the 24th that "about I have visited China, there is no decision." For the US and English and other countries are studying "boycott" Beijing Winter Olympics, Lin Fangzheng said "The Japanese government did not do Where you decide.