Luke's angry batch of bald leader anti-China: Only 猿 猿 胸, shouting at the enemy

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Luke's angry batch of bald leader anti-China: Only 猿 猿 胸, shouting at the enemy

2021-11-26 00:06:01 9 ℃

Recently, Australia's "Temple" began to scrape "demon wind". According to the latest report on Macao media, the Australian Defense Minister is criticized by all parties because of their incorrect speech on the China Taimund area. Australian opposition party accuses the Australian Defense Minister Daton a series of irresponsible remarks, let Australia have fallen into the geographical crisis, which directly let this "bald leader" break.

Australian opposition leader Huang Yingxian published a public speech on the 23rd of the local time, and he violently slammed the Australian Defense Minister Dattard's "Exported Walk" that has been safely safe as the country in Australia. Huang Yingxian pointed out that Morrison Government has won the election. Adhere to the topic of the Sino-Australian relationship as a speculation, and finally in the cost of losing Australia in China, winning the ballot.


However, with the Sino-US high-rise video conference, the Morrison government wants to "rotate the head" is very difficult because they rushed too far, and it has been separated from the most basic "underlying logic" of China and Australia. The "old big brother" is sold in the United States.

Now China's official exchange applications for all Australia have maintained a state in which they are not read. The diplomatic relationship between China and Australia has fallen into the freezing point. China implements a large-scale "economic sanctions" in Australia, although there is no basis for the Australian economy, with the expansion of sanctions, Australia may then feel "pain."

The Australian media pointed out that in the last 8 months, the world's iron ore prices have declined significantly, and Australia has been very hard. Although international oil prices and natural gas prices have risen, it makes up for Australia's balance of payments due to decline in iron ore, but for a long time, it is a major police training for the Australian economic pillar mining industry.

Although the Australian community has conducted "covering the inside of the sky", Datt is still in my life, Datton said in response to Huang Yingxian speech, Australia has violated its own strategic cooperation with the United Kingdom and the United States. He accused, Of course, Australia will not sit on the behavior of China's mainland in the region in the region.

Pre-Australian Prime Minister Kitty satirical Datt is a war trafficker in "Selling your own stupid", which requires the Australian Union Members to support MAO to buy nuclear submarines in the United States. Kitty criticizes Daton to open nuclear submarines to China to engage in strategic deterrence, just like "throwing a toothpick on the mountain", it is meaningless.

Former Australian Prime Minister Luvin also accused Daton in social media, "A pair of animals will only scream in the chest, call the enemy big call, and try to do everything I want to fight China."

Analysts, Datt actually represents Australia's domestic powerful conservatual forces, and they have a thousand links with the United States, which must have used China as an excuse to buy arms under the influence of national defense industrial enterprises. Australia is a country with anti-China tradition. It is the "traditional skill" of China's "traditional skill" in Australian countries, and the Australian only knows bloody strength. It is useless.