Official alarm list: 5 of Mexico's most dangerous 5 states in Americans

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Official alarm list: 5 of Mexico's most dangerous 5 states in Americans

2021-11-26 00:06:11 13 ℃

Huayu News reported that the "Today's News" reported that due to the crime rate of murder, kidnapping and terrorist attacks, it is difficult to obtain effective control of local governments, the US official has expanded alert against Touro citizens. List, ask them to go to Colima, Grero, Michoacán, Sinaloa and Tamaululipas, and warning to the relevant region Citizens do preventive measures.

▲ Mexico a drug trafficking organization member high-profile uploaded video on social media shows its army's general weaponry. (Social media screenshot)

The alarm list shows that violence activities in the local helper organization in Coloma are radiant.

For Micheli Prefecture, the alarm asked for the US citizen to stay away from the state border at least 20 kilometers and prohibited to visit other regions other than the tourist area and port.

There is also a large number of organized criminal groups in Greor, which often sets roadblocks and uses violence against travelers, causing many American citizens and local residents to kidnapped. The alarm pointed out that US ADD citizens can follow the authorized tour group to visit Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park, but can not go to other regions, such as Acapulco, Sihuatanejo and Istarpada. (IXTAPA).

In Senna, the US officially requested that people can only travel to Mazatlán in the air or sea in the air or sea, can only go to the city's golden location and history. The center area, and the stroke route must be direct.

Tagui Pas is the highest risks in the list. In the state, organized criminal group action is rampant, shooting, murder, kidnapping, car theft, armed robbery and other criminal activities occurred. According to statistics, Tamui Paste will receive three women who have violent 911 help calls per hour. (Original title: Official alarm list: the most dangerous 5 states in Mexico in the Americans)