Cambodia: What is the most friendly?Still most dangerous?

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Cambodia: What is the most friendly?Still most dangerous?

2021-11-26 00:04:29 7 ℃

Cambodia, the civilized ancient country on the Zhongnan Peninsula has a history of more than 2000, and the Angkor Dynasty has once, after it is suffering from the hardship, the Cambodian society has become increasingly stable and economic recovery. What kind of scenes are there after the new crown epidemic?

On August 11, 2021, the International Well-behaving Tourism Guide "Rough Guides" readers rated Cambodia as "the world's most friendly country" in an online public opinion survey. The world's top ten most friendly countries are Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Fiji, Scotland and Sri Lanka.

At the same time, the vicious incidents such as an endless kidnapping berv were uneasy, so many Chinese people in Cambodia were deeply unrest. Whether it is a half-way scarf on the road, it is still a kidnapping, and a bracket case gives people to the impression of Cambodia. Different experiences make everyone evaluates to Cambodia. From a multi-angle to examine, they can see a three-dimensional Cambodia.

Visitor in the eyes of tourists

Representatives of famous Angkor Wats, Cambodia's unique high-cost cultural attractive visitors around the world. Among the surveys of Expat Insider (insider), 85% of respondents believe that the local residents of Cambodia have enthusiastic hospitality, 83% of respondents believe that it is easy to settle in Cambodia. Another 39% of foreigners said they felt at home there. A netizen shared a section of his experience in Cambodia on Weibo. I still want to talk about Cambodia.

Some stories I have encountered in Siem Reap in Angkor Wat.

I rode a bicycle, get up at 6 o'clock every morning, I will go back to the hotel at night, spend three days, and browse a complete Angkor Wat.

One day, when I returned, it was already late in the night.

Riding on the jungle in Angkor Wat, surrounded by a dark, only the moonlight on the sky can shine the road conditions of the forest road. That small road is very narrow, just a bicycle.

At this time, there is a motorcycle to come behind me. I stopped at the car on my initiative to open the way, so that he traveled.

But the motorcycle stopped by my side, I saw three people sitting on the car, the driver is a man, sitting on a child in his chest, sitting behind a woman, a family.

The driver refers to his headlights with his fingers and smiled to me.

I asked at the time, he wanted to use the headlight to help me shine in front of the road.

Then I was shoy by his headlights.

He took me more than ten kilometers or more, I arrived at Siem Reap City, and there was a street light on the road.

After he took me on the road with the street lamp, the whole family sat on the motorcycle and smiled at me, and went to you.

I cried at the time.

I shouted to the back of their family far away. Thank you.

Chinese tourists who have visited Cambodia tourism also expressed their views.

The impression of Cambodia is not much different from the country that imagines the South Asian style of Middle East. But compared to China, it will still feel that it is not developed, and there will be uncomfortable and inconvenient living in life. Many places also need to improve the space.

In other places, Cambodian tourism is still more prominent, many places are more friendly, such as some places to use Alipay directly, and the Chinese people are not less than being isolated.

For many tourists, most of Cambodia have brought a lot of memories, whether unique Southeast Asian style, or a very enthusiastic local person, which is a positive evaluation.


Cambodia, which has been in the eyes of Xu Wei (a pseudonym) in Cambodia for more than 6 years. When I just arrived in Cambodia, the people here were still very friendly to the Chinese, and they were also very harmonious. Although the local people are not high, they always laugh in life every day, and there is a "poor happy" feel.

In recent years, more and more people engaged in black gray-raising people have come to Cambodia, kidnapping and other series of incidents, more is the concern of the Cambodian security environment, it is no longer the first peaceful Cambodia.

Cambodian Chinese Wangson (pseudonym) also expressed its own point of view. I have to study in China, get along with Chinese students, they are very good. I think, whether it is Chinese or Cambodian, there is a good or bad.

But more and more negative messages for the Chinese have produced some impact.

Some local friends around me, if they have not contacted the Chinese people who are working, they are not optimistic about the Chinese, and even don't want to have contact.

In the past, everyone's impression of the Chinese is very good. Many people are willing to marry our Chinese, but now the situation is not the same.

Is Cambodia to the most friendly country or a dangerous country?

This is not a non-black problem, and any answer has too many subjective colors. Friendly and dangers are a side of Cambodia, which is a comprehensive view of Cambodia, and Cambodia will have a three-dimensional image. But still hope that in Cambodia can see more, and those evil deoxes can be less.

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