"Yemen Military Doctor" loves you?2 million gold on the road?

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"Yemen Military Doctor" loves you?2 million gold on the road?

2021-11-26 00:06:13 12 ℃

Hong Kong people are also "military medicine" in Yemen? After getting the government compensation, some people need to help him keep a big cash ... so the legendary story allows the family to live in Daschawa, Dazhou, meet, but the end of the story is not perfect, just a few Time, Ms. Wang was defrauded from 70,000 yuan.

Case playback

At the beginning of October this year, a strange man took the initiative to add Ms. Wang WeChat. The other party claimed to be Hong Kong people, called Prince, Chinese named Li Weiyang, sent by the United Nations to Yemen, "Military Medicine", Wang Ms. Music, and Strangers. But due to the repetition of the epidemic in the previous period, I was bored at home, and then the man sent a mysterious and special, and she began to talk to Prince, and she was just talking to the prince. Some home, I will send some work in Yemen, and live photos.

In the subsequent chat, "Military Medicine" Prince has repeatedly called the prince of Wang, care about her health, and she can't help but produce emotions on each other.

One day, Prince said that due to the war of Yemen, his bank account was controlled by the local government, and the mobile phone could not make a call. After the injured, the government compensated a circle of approximately $ 2 million in cash. However, the military stipulates that this money can only be used in Yemen, and it cannot be carried out. The only way is to put the cash in the pluggers, and steal the post by mailing back to the country. He decided to put the cash in the baggage box through the British London Express Corporation to the Ms. Wang. Ms. Wang took back.

"Military Medicine" Prince also depicts a beautiful blueprint to Ms. Wang: He will transport this huge amount to China, hand it over to Ms. Wang, and shared by both parties. "He said that I am the only person who can trust, I hope I can help him." Ms. Wang is convinced.

After a few days, "Military Medicine" needs to pay the customs fees on the way, let Ms. Wang help the payment, after the baggage box is sent, the baggage password tells Wang, let Ms. Wang return the fee. Ms. Wang's land continued to transfer to the other party to the "customs fee".

Subsequently, "Military Medicine" lost contact, Ms. Wang found him being cheated.

After reading this case

I don't know what you have found?

First of all, Ms. Wang's "Yemen" military doctor's doubts, "Yemen" military doctor in Yemen, why should I mail cash through the British London Express Corporation? Therefore, in the face of online fraud, do not hold "account for cheap", should be verified in many aspects of the story mentioned in the liar.

Secondly, since the "Yemen" military doctor has so many cash, why not pay the customs fee, or transfer money to Ms. Wang, and then pay for Ms. Wang? Therefore, in the face of gold huge money, refuse to temptation, beware of being cheated.

In recent years, there have been "military officers" in foreign countries, "Military Medicine", there is a case, the general routine of the liar is: Looking for the goal on the network platform, with the heroic identity self-introduction as the opening, once found you It is interested that he will immediately express your special love, quickly fall into the love river, and finally send huge amount of cash, gold to wait for you to keep you, to deceive you to pay huge cross-border mail, handling fee, etc.

Police prompt

The online dating needs to be cautious, not cheap, do not believe in others, do not earn money, do not pay free to strangers. If you have any questions, you must ask your family, friends or help the police in time. If it is found to be deceived to alarm, and inform the police inform the police informative information about the liar's bank account, telephone number.