Chinese embassy spokesperson in the UK, asked the reporter on the English security error speech

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Chinese embassy spokesperson in the UK, asked the reporter on the English security error speech

2021-11-26 12:06:11 52 ℃

China Daily in London November 25th, local time November 25th, China's embassy spokesperson pointed out when the British network security error speech is pointed out, China resolutely oppose and hits any form of online attack and network according to law The stealing behavior, the British National Network Security Center has no real basis for the accusation of the Chinese side, extremely irresponsible, and the Chinese is strong enough, and resolutely opposes.

A few days ago, the British National Network Security Center issued an annual report, claiming that China has carried out online attacks in China in recent years, and interested in British business secrets, and the British side should cooperate with the challenge of China's science and technology.

The spokesman pointed out that China is one of the main victims of network stealing and attacks, and is also a firm maintainer for network security. Not long ago, China has launched the Global Data Security Initiative, which clarifies that countries oppose the use of information technology to destroy their key infrastructure or stealing important data, such as maintaining global data and network security. Constructive solutions.

The spokesperson said that the Britain has positioned network space as Xinjiang, high-profile development of offensive network capabilities. This will increase the risk of network friction and conflict between countries, harm international peace and security. We urge the Benfan's anti-provincial mistakes, don't always blame others.

The spokesperson pointed out that online hacker attacks are the common challenges facing countries, and the international community should work together. Countries should maintain peace and security of cyberspace through dialogue and cooperation on the basis of mutual respect and equality. From a narrow geopolitical perspective, we will disperse other countries, make splitting and confrontation, helpless network security, but will reduce the intercinder and undermine international cooperation in the network field.