The Chinese Embassy in Canada reminds the retention of students and overseas Chinese to prevent telecom fraud

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The Chinese Embassy in Canada reminds the retention of students and overseas Chinese to prevent telecom fraud

2021-11-26 18:02:22 45 ℃

China Overseas Chinese November 26th According to the Chinese Embassy in Canada WeChat public account, recently, criminal activities of the Chinese residential embassy (613-7893434) by renovation software. The Embassy in Canada once again reminds the majority of international students and overseas Chinese must be vigilant, pay attention to prevention:

First, the Chinese Embassy in Canada will notify your passport by phone or telephone recording.

Second, if you receive a case of investigating such as allegedly involved in "multinational money laundering case", "international financial fraud case", "important express delivery case", "credit card is stolen", etc. The suspicious phone, please don't hesitate, hang up immediately. If necessary, you can hang up the phone and call China's residential house to protect the emergency call, or call the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs's global consular protection and service emergency call center 12308 hotline, or verify it through friends and relatives.

Third, don't disclose your identity documents, bank accounts and other personal information to strangers. No matter if you don't pay for strangers.

4. If deceived, it should be reported to the local police station to report the protection and assistance of telephone calls for the Consulate of China. If the deceived system passed the bank transfer of my country, the 110 alarm phone in the domestic household registration should be immediately douched or sent to the police to the police through domestic relatives and friends.

About contact information:

Canadian police, fire or emergency department Tel: 911

Foreign Ministry Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Call Center Phone: Please call 010-12308 or 010-59913991 in China; please call 01186-10-12308 or 01186-10-59913991

Resident Embassy in Canada (the contract is the Ottawa area, New Coziso, Prince Edward City, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunuart): 001-613-5621616

Consortium in Toronto (the contract is Ontario, Mannita): 001-416-5942308

Consulate in Vancouver (the contract is British Columbia, Yukon area): 001-604-3369926

Consulate in Kargari (the contract is the province of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest): 001-403-5376907

Consulate General in Montreal (the contract is Quebec, New Brun Rick): 001-514-9338891