Ben Laden's most worrying thing!The last one is disappeared by Americans in less than a year, or it is lost to Trump

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Ben Laden's most worrying thing!The last one is disappeared by Americans in less than a year, or it is lost to Trump

2021-11-26 18:06:03 51 ℃

[Southern + November 26] According to American media reports, the recent public opinion survey shows that if the election is held again, the US President Trump will easily defeat the US President Biden, and Trump may win.

US Survey Research and Strategic Consulting Company Fabrizio, Lee & Associates showed that Trump leads in the 5th swing of 2020 wins in Biden. These states are Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, a total of 73 electors. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan are also the key to wins in November last year.

This survey conducted from 600 possible voters in 5 states from November 11th to 16th, with an error amplitude of 4%.

The survey found that Trump received 12% in Michigan, a leading 10% in Wisconsin, a leading 6% in Pennsylvania. In 2016, Trump won less than 1% of the advantages in these three states to ensure his victory. Trump leads to the advantages of 8% and 3% in Arizona and Georgia, respectively, and these two states are Trump's wins in 2016, and the state of the successful twisted in Biden last year.

Another public opinion survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports, November 22nd to 23, showed that Trump defeated Biden in a hypothetical confidence.

If the results of the civil test have been confirmed, Trump will win at 45% of the 32% advantage. The survey also found that no party's support rate of Trump is 47%, and Biden is only 20%.

Another data that made Biden is that Las Messen reports that only 69% of the voters who vote last year, only 69% of people said they will vote again, and 8% of Biden voters will Amount to Trump. In contrast, 83% of the last voting to Trump will support him again.

In addition, a recent series of polls have shown that Biden will face a difficult struggle in winning the second term, and his support rate has been at a very low level in a few months.

A public opinion investigation conducted by the US Emerson College November 3 to 4, found that Rutron and Biden participated in the election in 2024, Trump will defeat the vote rate of 43% to 45%. At the same time, a public opinion survey released by REDFIELD & Wilton Strategies, November 25, found that only 39% of Americans will vote for Biden in the next presidential election.

A public opinion survey conducted by Sauff University November 3 to 5 also showed similar results, 64% of respondents said they did not want Biden to recall one. When talking about Trump, 58% said they didn't want him to re-see again.

US media said that although Trump has not yet clearly expressing the 2024 presidential election, Trump may be encouraged because the nearest civil programs are encouraged, especially the obvious leading advantage in swinging. In recent days, the White House spokesman Pisai confirmed that Biden will participate in the 2024th campaign.

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