On November 25th, the French President was exposed to ambition; Japan plans to tell South Korea to court

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On November 25th, the French President was exposed to ambition; Japan plans to tell South Korea to court

2021-11-27 00:05:22 49 ℃

There is no friends forever, and there is no forever enemies, only eternal interests. Shake interest, it is difficult than shaking the soul.

In complex and varied international communities, allies are against, and the enemy shaking hands are common plots. Whether in Asia or Europe, similar stories are staged every year.

Recently, East Asia and Western Europe were turned out. On November 25th, Japan and South Korea's French came four news that it means deep and long news.

First, Japan plans to tell South Korea to the International Court.

On November 25, local time, the Global Network reported that the Japanese Ruling Party has set up a discussion group, which plans to discuss South Korea to the United Nations International Trial Court.

The reason why South Korea, the cause is November 16, the Korean police officer Director mounted the Japanese and South Korea controversial island "Diendao".

According to the Japanese government, in order to protest the "Winning" act of the Korean, all diplomatic efforts have been made. However, it is far less than a protest, and Japan decides to make this matter to the International Tribunal to sue South Korea in judicial way.

Can Japan practiced? There are 3 points to pay attention.

1. If you want the International Tribunal to accept the case, the Korean government has to act.

According to the United Nations, the International Court will accept the case only if both parties file a lawsuit. If there is only one prosecution, and the other party refuses to accept it, the United Nose will not respond.

As early as 2012, former Korean President Li Mingbo was at the time, the Japanese government had brought Korean because of the "Delin Island" issue. In the end, the Li Mingbo government dismissed the allegations of the Japanese government with the "value of no response".

Today, in the past, the Japanese government's tech technicians, the ending is probably the same as the year, and sing "the Angle" in the international community.

2, the fundamental purpose of the Japanese government, in fact, I want to make "Delivery" dispute into international issues.

For the Boardian Cabinet, the International Court of Justice may not be accepted, it is not important, it is important that "Deil Island" dispute is launched, the international community will pay attention to this issue.

It is to know that in the eyes of the Korean government, "Single Island" is actually controlled, and there is no dispute at all.

Now, Japan deliberately provocative, to make things big, then the international level, it is inevitable that there will be other national station teams, choose camp, resulting in "Delin Island" really controversial.

3, Japan wants to recover "Single Island", but also ask the United States to answer.

In fact, as the "old big brother" in the US-Japanese and Korean Union, the United States has not made a statement on Japanese and South Korea disputes, which has explained the attitude of the White House.

Obviously, the Biden government just wants to keep neutral, sitting on the mountain watching.

In this confrontation, the United States is biased towards any party, which will lead to an imbalance in the situation, and may even destroy the Asia-Pacific environment. The US is most willing to see, in fact, Japan and South Korea compete, fighting each other, thus always controlled by the White House.

Moreover, in addition to the United States will be in secret debug weight, the Korean government will not make a compromise.

There are only more than 3 months away from the next Korea election, whether it is the common democrat or the National Strength Party, will remain tough on the territorial issue.

It can be said that the main cabinet is afraid of taking hard!

South Korea National Strength Party Presidential Candidate Yin Xi Yue

Second, France signed a friendly agreement with Italy.

Have to say, Europe has recently happened too many things, as well as too many crisis.

First, new crown epidemic rebound, Europe is about to usher in the fifth wave of epidemic climax.

Second, the energy crisis broke out, the global supply chain is broken, resulting in the rise in European prices and the shortage of resources.

Its third, border refugee issues, which makes European countries, and also leads to deterioration of Russian Europe.

At the time of the above problems, the German Prime Minister Merkel just stepped down.

As the "lead sheep" of the EU, the German political altar has turmoil, which will inevitably affect the stability of the EU. At this time, French President Marcro, did something unexpected.

On November 25th, French President Markon visited Italy, and he wants to sign the "Quirlina Treaty".

The French government claims that the Treaty is designed to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the field of diplomacy, national defense, economy and immigration, helping the two countries to build more intimate friendly relations.

Draghi (left) and Markon (right)

How to see this treaty? There are 2 points of affected to mention.

First, the EU's power is balanced or will be broken.

It is to know that the two countries in the EU are in the EU member states, the two countries with a relatively large influence, is called the "leader" of the EU.

At the moment, the German political turmoil, Merkel is about to retire, and France wraps Italy at this time, signing a friendly treaty with Italy, which seems to have "abandoning" Germany and "support" Italy.

From a geographic location, Italy connects to the Mediterranean. The South Bank of the Mediterranean is North Africa, the East Coast is the Middle East, such as Turkey, Syria.

If France has strengthened cooperation in defense and Italy, it means that Paris can also extend to the Mediterranean Sea, thereby expanding France's geochemical influence.

Have to say, Mark's ambition is exposed. This once called "NATO has already died", and has been seeking European independent French leaders, but now not only with the EU independence, but also wants to be bigger like the United States.

In the future, it is estimated that there is a good show!