Master's online forum to discuss "The World Significance of China's Development"

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Master's online forum to discuss "The World Significance of China's Development"

2021-11-27 12:04:02 76 ℃

The forum combined with the online line to jointly hold Master Friends Association

Zhongxin Net Kuala Lumpur November 26 (Reporter Chen Yue) by Malaysia - China Friendship Club "Activities -" The World Significance of China's Development "Online Forum 26th held in Kuala Lumpur, from China Scholars in the two countries and people from all walks of life in Malaysia participated in the forum.

On the forum, scholars from China surrounded the connotation of the Chinese New Communist Party of the Communist Party of China on the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. The contribution made is interpreted. Participants from all walks of life in Malaysia highly praised China's contribution to the world's prosperity and peace.

Majit, president of the Masham Friendship Association, said in a speech that Huang Zhenli, deputy secretary general, said China has become an engine and global supply chain, manufacturing and trade service centers in China, and is made for regional and global peace and stability. Contribution, Malaysia and ASEAN have benefited from China's economic development transition. He hopes to pass this seminar, which makes Malaysia have a deeper understanding of China's achievements and better to learn from China's successful experience.

Wang Yugo, director of the China Academy of Social Sciences and the East Asian Cooperation Center, introduced the huge achievements and successful experience of China's development in the forum. He pointed out that China's development is an important part of the development of the world. Poverty reduction, through the "all the way" and join hands in the world to build a peaceful and prosperous "human fate community".

Guangxi University of Metropolitan College, Doughan, Mali, director of Malaysia Institute, introduced China's poverty reduction, achievement and success. He believes that Malaysia also has long-term power to poverty reduction and achieve positive results, and China Ma Ma can further strengthen cooperation in the field of poverty reduction. (over)