19-year-old Japanese princess loves, will take back the dutong duties, inherit aunt's head

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19-year-old Japanese princess loves, will take back the dutong duties, inherit aunt's head

2021-11-27 12:04:30 65 ℃

On November 24, local time, according to foreign media reports, the 19-year-old Japanese princess loves the child, will usher in the 20th birthday next month, officially take the duties of the Tangjie Zhenzi, the duties, and start attendance Royal official activities. Despite the unique woman of Deloren Emperor and Yadi Queen, it means that the love of the child will not be in succession.

On December 1st, the love of the 20th birthday is coming in the 20th birthday, combing the royal tradition of Qi Liuhai, will begin to fulfill the royal duties on the first day of the borders. However, due to new crown epidemic, the royal family of the Japanese economy will not be able to build her new crown and supporting jewelry for love. At that year, the prince's princess and the autumn palace can be a princess. However, there is no crown, the Lord, will inherit the head of the aunt Blackda Tu.

Blackda Tria Palace, formerly known as the princess of the Demine, the only sister of Demen, who has been wearing this crown in 15 years of royal members. However, since I married the Tokyo City Planner Huruda, she had never wear this bright head.

According to the royal family, if the princess marry the civilians, it will deprive its royal title and return the crown. However, the princess of the Siqi Mikong can still have her headdress because this crown is her father in a private name, not occupying public funds. Now she gives this top crown to her relatives, and it is also returned.

About the news of the Lord's master, the media has a fresh report. In people's impressions, when she was 8 years old, the official 15-year-old sun shocked the Japanese royal powder. The thin love is only half the shape of the front body, the skin is wax, which looks very weak, which makes the outside world have doubts about the health of the princess.

The life of the princess is not only happy. It is reported that she has suffered a campus Ling Ba, and later suffering from anxiety and suffering from severe stomach disease, even simple preparation pressure, she has continued to high fever, and finally drop out of school .

This hobby calligraphy, the talent girl who likes to write poetry has to be accompanied by the mother's company, accepting a private tutoring a day, while having a cold at home with a cold.

Today's love is eye color, so that it is still restored to the previous health. She is currently at the Japanese Literature Department of Tokyo University, with her grandfather Mingren, and the uncle Wen Renmines become alumni. She is good at pulling the towering, and she also learned English and Spanish. Such a sequential arrangement, some may be the personal hobby of the Lord of the Lord, but more, it should be the queue of the royal family to participate in international social development.