US plus ink "three friends" relationship is difficult to repair

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US plus ink "three friends" relationship is difficult to repair

2021-11-28 00:09:08 36 ℃

According to the French New Agency, in the first North American Summit, the leaders of the United States, the leaders of the United States, have propagated the close relationship between them, but they hidden in terms of trade and immigration issues. The report pointed out that in accordance with the US President Biden's strategy to Europe and Asian allies, he is now eager to return to the United States, Canada's three-side partnerships in Mexico return to normal. However, Reuters said that there is no indication that the summit has achieved breakthrough results, and the "purchase of the US goods" policy, the Mo-border immigration tide, etc., the difference is a shadow.

I hope to repair the relationship

Recently, the US President Biden, the Prime Minister of Canada, and the President of Mexico, Lopez, in Washington, in the regional economic integration, and meets the problems such as new gown pneumonia epidemic and climate change.

The Leaders of Meditamo Three Kingdoms have held many summits since 2005, and the US media called "three friends" summits. Trump took office in January 2017, pursued "United States priority", in the field of trade and border control policy, in the field of trade and border control policy, including the addition of high tariffs, renovated North American free trade according to US Conditions The agreement, etc.

Zhou Fang, a deputy, China's International Relations University, said that the series of policies adopted in Trump have made the three-party relationships, including the pressure of Canada, Mexico and the United States, "North America Free Trade Agreement" "And the output of steel and aluminum products, including addition, ink, etc., etc. However, the economy of the Three Kingdoms Three Kingdoms is still dependent on each other. The United States requires Mexico's labor and Canada's natural resources, Canada and Mexico also require US economic support. At Trump, the top of the United States has strengthened contacts and relieves differences in the context of Trump.

Reuters said that Biden hopes to rely on the North American Summit, to solve the "tricky challenge" of illegal immigration, trade friction, and after the economic recovery, and repair the "three friends" relationships.

Still significantly difference

The BBC said that the summit is a "three friends". The host American President Biden intends to resolve this summit to repair the North American "three friends" relationships in Trump schedule, but the talks have not made significant progress. The statement released after the meeting was only mentioned that the tripartite was reached on the "Reduce Methane Emission" plan and "commitment to donate new championships to the Latin America and the Caribbean".

Bynden January this year, I launched the administrative order soon, I signed the administrative order, and the "purchase of the US goods" policy pushed by Tri Revolution, ensuring that American companies and products have priorities in the federal government procurement project, thus stimulating domestic manufacturing. The policy triggered the worries of Canada and Mexico, and the addition is "naked trade protectionism".

The Mayor of Mo-Border Immigration is also one of the issues in the parties of the summit. Mexico is still facing the pressure of helping to solve the disorder of immigrants in the southern border. According to AFP reported that Lopez called on the United States and Canada to open immigrants. He said: "We should not restrict immigration. For economic growth, you need labor."

"Today, the United States is in the United States." US priority 'policy, does not respect Mexico or Canada's will. "Zhou Fang Yin said," Whether it is in the beautiful border illegal immigration, or the United States, the United States, China, They are all in order to maintain their own interests, asking Mexico and Canada to cooperate, adapt to themselves, but the US policy often changes, leading to Mexico and Canada to trust in the United States. "

"Friendship" crack is difficult

According to Reuters, the Mexican Economic Minister Tatiana recently blamed trade protectionism policy in the United States may be appropriate to anti-and stimulating immigrants. She said that in the near future, the ink is dispatched with the threshold of the US-ink, and this is "truly hurt" Mexico. She said, "Never expect that the United States has become so closed in the economy."

According to the semi-point, the summit looks like atmosphere, but does not alleviate the tension relationship between the three countries, the friction on the three countries in trade and immigrants is particularly prominent.

"The beauty plus ink is adjacent to the ground. There are also common interests, there are contradictions. The three parties in the economic and trade, energy, immigrants, etc., are difficult to solve through a summit." Zhou Fang Yin pointed out that on the current situation, The contradiction between the Three Kingdoms will last for a long time. (Zhao Yanyan)

"People's Daily Overseas Edition" (November 27, 2021)

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