Russia: Against the United States attempt to destroy Beijing Winter Olympics

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Russia: Against the United States attempt to destroy Beijing Winter Olympics

2021-11-28 06:04:29 67 ℃

Reference Information Network November 26 Report According to Tasm Moscow reported on November 25th, the US President Biden said earlier, the United States is studying the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics for diplomacy. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zarova said at the press conference on the 25th: "The principle of Russia is: No matter where the Olympics is held, we oppose politicization of this matter, this position is of course applicable to organize the Olympic Games in China. We believe that sports should be far from politics. We have no doubt that China will be able to host this sports event with the highest level of the current situation. "

Zarova also said: "We see that the United States is constantly taking action and conducts political publicity campaigns, using the excuse of the project, using the sports topics and agenda, and the purpose is to engage in destruction, increase these countries. The difficulty of hosting the Olympic Games, the United States is considered to have pressure and influence in some way. "

Zarova pointed out that Russia has experienced this, and the Winter Olympics was held in Sochi. She said: "I think you know these examples: media reports, officials public speech, reporters, events and American political scholars, even if some athletes are used, they call for the Winter Olympics, for us The state is pressed, what other measures are taken. These we have experienced. "

Zarova reminded that the Sochi Winter Olympics is very successful and is a real-scale sports event in the history of Olympic. She concluded: "I wish China to succeed, don't work in this provocative remark, organize everything in the name of sports, peace, athletes, and sports competitive enthusiasts, bring joy to people. And do everything, let 'good' In this specific thing, you can also overcome 'evil'. "

The twenty-fourth Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing from February 4th to 20th, 2022. (Compilation / Leran)