Hong Kong Media Review: Australia must think twice before the Taiwan issue

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Hong Kong Media Review: Australia must think twice before the Taiwan issue

2021-11-28 06:05:28 80 ℃

Reference Information Network November 26 reports Hong Kong "Nanhua Morning Post" website issued the article "Why do you want to think before the Taiwan issue of Australia", the author is Michael Walton. The full text is extracted as follows:

The Australian Defense Minister Peter Daton recently claimed that if China decided to return to Taiwan, if Australia did not follow the United States to take military action on this super country, it would be "unimaginable". Datton unilateral promises that Australia will join the "War of China" leadership.

When the political leader may make the country follow the United States into a conflict, where is the voice of the Australian public and parliament debate? At present, the Prime Minister and the cabinet are considering whether to dispatch defense forces overseas. The Federal Parliament does not speak on Australia's participation in overseas military conflicts.

Politicians say that Australians say that we hope to get along with China, but actively from our largest trading partner: a hammer diplomacy through the media. Australia's anti-China speech is increasingly high. In April this year, Michael Pacelo, secretary-general of the Ministry of Interior, said in the Australian New Legion, said that when he intensified with China, "the drum" is ringing.

In China, the development of the global superpower has gains a huge interest in Australia.

China-Macao trade has brought rich profits to Australia. China's investment provides funding for our governments, hospitals, schools and infrastructure construction.

Data of the Australian diplomatic trade department show that the 2019-2020 fiscal year, China and Macao trade volume reached approximately 25.1 billion Australian dollars (1 Australian Yuan is about 4.6 yuan - this net note), accounting for 28.8% of Australian trade. The United States is the second largest bilateral trading partner in my country, and the trade volume of the two countries is approximately 80.8 billion AA.

For the increasingly close world, the war will be devastating, there will be no winners, and it is also the same for Australia. The strength of the United States and China has been strong enough, and they cannot be defeated in military. Sino-US is a symbiotic relationship and achieves peaceful coexistence through negotiations, and is the only sustainable result of both parties and humans. The Australian politicians want to make a force to China, they should think twice.