Another country is completely torn with the United States!Zeng Ting China vaccine, now "hard" USA

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Another country is completely torn with the United States!Zeng Ting China vaccine, now "hard" USA

2021-11-30 00:03:38 62 ℃

According to the observer network, in the event of an election of the other country, the United States can say that it is "habitual". In the case of Russia, Russia has repeatedly discovered the conspiracy of the United States attempting to interfere in the Russian election. Recently, another country found and exposed this shameful behavior of the United States.

Hungary's new Presidential election is coming soon, the country's Democratic Union once again complained in the United States, saying that in order to make Hungary's current Prime Minister Oerban, it is preparing to intervene in Hungary's internal and campaign.

Oerban has been 4 degrees as the Hungary Prime Minister, 2022 elections are coming, Hungarian opposition prime candidates can't help but start to the Western countries, but he not only accuses Oerban and China and Russia. It also claims to support NATO will always support the Western countries to help him win the prime minister.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Siero said that the US has been found to prepare for interference elections. Although the US government has denied Hungary's allegations, the US statement does not stand the foot. As early as October 23, Oerban has publicly accused Western countries such as the United States and the EU to interfere with Hungary elections and call on the unity of Hungarian unity to protect the external forces.

It is worth mentioning that Hungary has always hoped to establish a good relationship with China and Russia, which makes the US government very "uncomfortable". In February 2021, Hungary became the first EU country in vaccinated Chinese vaccine. On February 26th, Hungarian President Adell took the lead in inoculated China's Chinese medicine vaccine, and the eurus also vaccinated Chinese vaccine and took photos on social media. In September, Hungary announced its local production of China's new crown vaccine and will establish production facilities within 10 months. In addition, Serbian President of Chinese vaccine revealed that Oerban has referred to a "bright road" for him, asking him to seek China's help.

For the "retaliation" of Hungary, the US President Biden came to stand up for nearly one year, still did not send ambassador to Hungary. In addition, the United States is also naked nakedly to press Hungary. The US government plans to convene a so-called World "Democracy Summit" from December 9th to 10th. According to the list of participants announced by the US State Council, only about 110 countries or the government were invited to attend only about 110 countries or the government around the world. The United States has always been "eye in the eyes", and China and Russia are not invited to not surprising, but in 27 EU countries, 26 are invited to participate, and only Hungary is excluded.

For the United States, Russia is very voice. A few days ago, US Members also intend to resist Putin's Russian president, when the Vice Chairman of the Russian Commission said that the United States tried to interfere in Russian internal administration is not a new thing.