US media: Chinese wife bought a large life insurance for two days, the American man was charged to kill his wife.

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US media: Chinese wife bought a large life insurance for two days, the American man was charged to kill his wife.

2021-11-30 06:07:22 60 ℃

Christopher Collins (report screenshot)

According to the "New York Post" on the 28th, a US man was charged with his wife, and his wife had just signed a life insurance worth 250,000 dollars.

According to the report, the accusation of Christopher Collins, 41 years old in Texas is that he killed the 46-year-old Chinese wife Liang Yuanhua (transliteration), and "do everything," Let the case look like a wife is a wife. The gun is killed.

According to the US Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the authorities said that Collins called the law enforcement department on November 18, and the police said that his wife sent a text message to tell him that their home broke into a stranger. Then Collins drove home and saw the investigators, and the investigator had found this wife in the living room in the living room.

However, it is strange that the residence of the two is not robbed, and the investigator began suspect that Collins's statement did not understand.

Liang Yuanhua (report screenshot)

Officials said that the surveillance video of a gym showed that Collins came back and forth in the gym for 45 minutes. He only worked for 5 minutes, then he went to the gym to report the police. The police searched the lockers in the gym and found Collins reported the wallet and cosmetic bags that have been lost.

According to reports, Collins served in the US military. He argued that his wife had "doubt", which is why he told him that there is a stranger in the house, he spent 45 minutes to return home. The investigator also discovered the security camera in the room, Collins claimed that he used the camera to see his wife situation during foreign abroad. But that day, he said that he didn't think about viewing the video.

Law enforcement officials said that when the beam was hit by a small caliber pistol, she was wearing a sleep mask, and the body was found to cover a bag. According to ABC, the prosecutor believes that when the suspect does not want to look at the people you know, it is common to cover the face of the victim.

In addition, in the search of the case room, the investigators have also found a life insurance worth 250,000 dollars, while deaths, the deceased just signed this policy. The prosecutor also said: "The defendant and the insured have signed a life insurance document on November 16, 2021."

Report screenshot

The investigator said they found a point 22 caliber in the pocket of Collins. The forensic doctor determined that the murder of the killing beam is a small caliber pistol.

Collins is currently being held in prisons, and the bail is $ 150,000. He has been commanded to hand over the passport, and he may not talk to any witness.

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