Dai Qi, Raymond Division: China's dirty, our most clean

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Dai Qi, Raymond Division: China's dirty, our most clean

2021-11-30 18:04:09 75 ℃

[Wen / Observer Network Liu Chenghui] China produces steel "the most dirty", the "clean" production in the United States? It's hard to imagine that this is full of malicious but funny and laughing, it is from the mouth of the Government of Government - US Commerce Minister Raymondo and trade representative Dai Qi's mouth. In fact, this is not the first time in the relevant issues.

Local Time 28, Raymondo and Dai Qi jointly issued a comment article in the Pittsburgh Post, boasting the steel aluminum trade agreement with the EU, but also beneficial to solve the problem of overcapacity of global capacity, but also benefit from the US family. The European and American Trade Agreement is a matter of Europe and America. Wait a column of crimes.

American Trade Representative Dai Qi and the Minister of Commerce Raymondo (Photo Self-US Media)

Blowing with "the most dirty" practice, boasting your own "clean" steel, Raymondo and Dai Qi's intentions are actually very obvious.

In the past few months, the two sides of Europe and the United States have released signals to solve steel-based tariff disputes. At the short ago, at the G20 summit, Raymond's wind referred to the US will reduce the tariff restrictions on EU steel aluminum exports. Today, Raymondo and Dai Qi also said in the article that the implementation of steel aluminum cooperation agreements is not only a further development of European and American relations, but also to meet each other to address China's economic threat. From this point of view, the two not only hope to take this opportunity to show off a political achievement to the country, and hope to promote the true "battle" of both steel aluminum tariffs in Europe and the United States through the establishment of such a common enemy in China. Stop.

"How to develop each other's economic and trade relations, this is the right of the two parties of Europe and America, and China has no intention to interfere." The Chinese EU will emphasize the interview with the Group of the EU, "But the corrective mistake should be to maintain the world's multilateral trade The mechanism and economic governance rules are premise, and the old mistakes cannot be corrected with new errors. "

"The United States's steel is the most clean, China's most dirty"

Back to Raymondo and Dai Qi, this article entitled "New Steel Aluminum Agreement for American Family What is the US Family". Talking, it is mainly composed of two parts: First, the hype is complaining that China's "low-cost steel aluminum" is harm to the US economy. Second, the benefits of advocating the US economy or even the United States. .

The two of the two people have created the US steel industry into victims of China's "low-cost steel". The article said that the steel aluminum industry is an important part of the US economy, and many Americans depend on survival. According to data, the steel industry supports approximately 2 million Americans, and the average income of male practitioners in the industry is 27%, and women are 58%.

American Trade Representative Office Reprinted Comments

Next, the article accuses that China's steel industry has caused a lot of carbon emissions, but also uses some changes to "steel aluminum subsidies", such as "long-term, China, for a long time, China, China, China, Artificially reducing prices, making the US steel and aluminum industries unable to compete, "" In October 2016, the United States lost 16,000 steel work, mainly because China's unfair trade "" paying price for the US industry and workers "." .....

Take China with the Taiwan, Raymondo and Dai Qi began "singing", they got a ridiculous conclusion - the United States produced some of the world's most clean steel, and the dirty in China. The two people still claim that the Target Tariff policy not only hits China, but also hurts the United States's allies of the European Union, which hinders the efforts of US Europe to "resist low-cost steel dumping". However, Biden is clear that the United States must repair the relationship with EU steel trade, so that "the most trusted partners" support the US products exports.

The article boasted that the Augustic agreement not only eliminates one of the most unstable factors in bilateral relations, but also promotes the threat of both parties in addressing climate change and China's unfair competition. For domestic, the Biden government not only protects the US workers, but also contributes to mitigation inflation, but also demonstrates that "cleaning manufacturing can benefit enterprises, workers and consumers". The two even shouted the slogan of "the United States won the 21st century".

Steelmaking plant in Pittsburgh (Pictures "Pittsburgh Post")

It is worth mentioning that Raymondo and Dai Qi are accurately putting the article to the Pittsburgh Post, and it is also very worthwhile.

"Pittsburgh Post" is the largest daily report in the United States, in recent years, its editorial tuning has changed from political conservatism to liberalism. And Pittsburgh itself is also very important for the meaning of the US steel industry. Pittsburgh, Northeast, USA, is the second largest city in Pennsylvania. It is a famous steel industry city in the United States. However, with the decline in steel demand in the 1970s and the rise of foreign steel industries, Pittsburgh's steel business is getting better, and the city began to transform into medical, financial and technology industrial transformation.

"The United States can't use new mistakes, correct the old mistake"

US European steel aluminum dispute returns to 2018. At that time, Trump took the national security by national security, and the European steel aluminum products were criticized, and the EU lost the beauty steel aluminum decreased. The European Union will then revenge, including resequential tariffs including Harley motorcycle, Levis jeans and wave whiskey. Recently, as the United States gradually released the replenishment, the supply chain was caught in the crisis, and the domestic steel production costs were high. In this context, the USEo has repeatedly exposed to steel aluminum problems, and the US is not a new thing. In recent month, US officials have repeatedly staged the same play.

On October 31, the Biden government reached an agreement with EU officials at the G20 summit to cancel some of the tariffs of steel aluminum. Raymond 3 announced that the "limited number" steel aluminum products imported from the EU will be able to prevent China's steel aluminum products from "leak" to the US market. As a return, the EU will also down-regulate the US retalian tariffs - the EU will cut 50% of the tariffs of various US commodities on December 1, including Harley Motorcycle and Kentucky's beings, etc. Westerners.

At the G20 summit, the US-European leaders will hold hands. (湃 影)

At the beginning of this month, Dai Qi claimed in the US Iron Society and Iron Manufacturer Association meeting, the United States will fully prevent China's steel imports from impact the US industry, boost the competitiveness of the US steel industry, "China is the driving force of overcapacity, China The steel industry is injected with billions of dollars, which damages the interests of workers around the United States and around the world. "

Director of the European Institute of Europe, Cui Hongjian, a Chinese International Problem, Researchers, to interviewing the Chinese Youth Daily · Zhongqing.com reporter, Europe and the United States tried to transfer the contradiction between the two sides in steel and aluminum tariffs to the so-called "China's steel aluminum output" Have a strong political consideration. Because of this, they can display Europe and America in values ​​and the unity on the issue of China, and the contradictions are mitigated, and they also help to consolidate their domestic ruling foundation.

For the practice of Mei Ou to make an article in China, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Zhao Lijian expressed in the Chinese press conference in May. Zhao Lijian said that who made a practical contribution to solving the excess of steel production, who has caused an impact on the international market, and is not a song. Individual countries will use unilateral trade measures such as tax, sanctions, unilaterally obstructed the World Trade Organization's appeal organization, which is the maximum distortion of normal international trade order.

According to the China EU, Zhang Ming Ambassador Zhang Ming Ambassador, the Chinese EU, in the EU, in the EU's "Financial Times", and the Chinese government did not issue subsidies to encourage companies to increase steel production. In contrast, it is continuously issued a policy to compress steel yield. The media is widely used to circulate the story of the Chinese government to subsidize the steel industry, that is just a story.

Zhang Ming said that in many years ago, it has already started the overcapacity of steel aluminum, and has made effective contributions. During "13th Five" period, China's accumulated pressure reduced steel production capacity of 150 million tons. In fact, although China's steel production is relatively large, it is fundamentally to meet its own consumer demand. According to the data of the World Steel Association, China's steel production accounts for 56.7% of the world in 2020, but steel consumption in China also accounts for 56.2% of the world, and the two digital gaps are small. China's steel export data can also confirm this view. In 2020, China's steel exports accounted for 5% of domestic production, and aluminum exports accounted for 8% of production, which is much lower than many export-oriented countries.

"Today, Europe and America sit together to discuss solutions to steel aluminum tariff disputes, and the purpose is to correct the mistakes made in the year. But correcting errors should be premise to maintain the global multilateral trade mechanism and economic governance rules, but cannot correct the old mistakes The error. "Zhang Ming said.