Focus interview 丨 Reliable friends, sincere partners!China-Africa cooperation results throughout African land

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Focus interview 丨 Reliable friends, sincere partners!China-Africa cooperation results throughout African land

2021-12-01 00:02:11 110 ℃

Two days later, the 8th ministerial meeting of the China-African Cooperation Forum was held in Senegal, and the President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony with a video manner. Over the years, China has always been sincere and friendly, united, and is the interest community that is a residence of the residence community and cooperation. On November 26, the State Council Information Office published a "New Era" white paper. The white paper fully introduced China's concept of non-policy, the vivid practice of non-cooperation in the new era and its fruitful results, looking forward to the broad prospect of future non-cooperation.

Africa is a thousand hills from China, but similar historical encounters, the common history mission has tightly link China and Africa. For many years, China and African countries have always been a good friend of the wind and rain, and the good brothers who have a good partner of the resisted.

Li Xinhe, an executive president of the China African Institute, said: "The medium-sized relationship is long, Zheng Heqi's Western Ocean, four times to Africa. Since the establishment of New China In the Factivating Fight, he supported the country's independence and economic development. "

China and Africa have never been a residential community. At the Beijing Summit of China in September 2018, China-Africa decided to build a closer mid-non-fate community, and established a new milestone in the history of China-Africa. How to build a closer non-fate community? "Central African Cooperation" white paper in the new era, from adhering to the real-life concept and the correctness of the law, adhere to mutual respect, common development, and establish a mission-to-high goal of the community, and the development of the world development and cooperation.

Zhang Zongze, executive vice president of China International Problem, said: "China has four persistence ', especially the right contrast. The right emission is the very important development of Xi Jinping's visit to Africa. Non-relations guiding ideology, and also summarizes the precious experience in the past few decades. The biggest righteousness in the middle-independent relationship is to combine Africa's autonomy, sustainable development, and China's own development, not zero and games. Don't engage in the profit is a picture, but to achieve cooperation and win-win. "

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Chairman Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the development of non-relationships, and personally discovers non-cooperated blueprints. White paper comprehensive system summarizes Xi Jinping's new ideas, new practices, and new results in Africa.

Yan Zongze said: "I think that the development of the development of China-Africa is a very important experience, which is the strategic leader of the leader. Since the President of Xi Jinping has visited Africa since 2013, he can say that his footprints are in the north and south of the East, and Africa. Dozens of leaders have a connection, and the President has put forward a series of initiatives and ideas, these ideas and initiatives, which have very important guiding significance for China-non-relationships. "

Li Xinhe said: "At the 2015 Johannesburg Summit, President Xi Jinping enhances the China-African relationship into a comprehensive strategic partnership, and it is proposed, strong and consolidated the 'five pillars', focusing on the implementation of the top ten cooperation plans'. At 2018 At the Beijing Summit of the September China Non-Cooperation Forum, he put forward the 'five not' principles of the middle-and-non-relationship, the "six-in-one" middle-free community, and the 'eight actions'. President Xi personally painted Relationship, the development of the China-Africa relationship has been indicated. "

China-non-cooperation is good, and the people in the middle and non-people have the most statement. On the day of the weekend, Kenyan Di Monone sat on the train and started his "Double City" life. Because of the reasons for work and child education, Dimi Moni is brought about between the capital, Nairobi and Xiaowu. In 2017, the Monneglon Railway, which was built by Zhonggun, was opened, and he had more reunion with his son for a month.

Not only people's lifestyle, as the first modern railway in Kenya, the Mongolian railway has created more than 40,000 jobs, and the contribution rate of Kenya's economic growth rate reached 1.5%, became a veritable economic.

At present, the medium-sized non-relationship is in the best time in history, and the results of China-African cooperation are spread in Africa, improved the economic and social development conditions of Africa, bringing real benefits to both peoples.

As the road of economic and trade cooperation is getting wider, more and more African character products enters China and enrich China's consumer market. Since 2009, China has continued to resident in Africa's largest trading partner in 12 consecutive years. From January to September this year, China-US trade has reached $ 185.2 billion, an increase of 38.2% year-on-year, reaching the highest level of history.

At the same time as economic cooperation is rapidly, China is also actively cooperating with Africa to cooperate in social fields such as poverty reduction, health, education and other social development experience. Among them, poverty reduction experience is particularly concerned.

Li Xinhe said: "The Chinese African Research Institute organized two African scholars to Yan'an in the second half of 2019. After they visited Yan'an's poverty, Professor Cameroon's philosopher Enkolo Fueman was sent, and he wrote this In a paragraph, I said that I saw the achievements of Yan'an from Yan'an, and told Africa to realize a modern road that is not Western, and the Chinese style modernization provides a new choice for Africa. "

It is better to teach people to fish with fish. Over the years, China has been helping Africa to cultivate high-quality technical skills. In March 2019, China established in Africa's first Luban Workshop operateed in Djibo, trained and delivered talents for the Aji Railway and Djibouti Port Economic and Trade Zone. At present, China has established 14 Luban Workshops in 13 countries in Africa. The Division of the country lies in the people. From "Wancun Tong" to "film and television caravan", from cooperation to organize the "National Year" "Cultural Year", to encourage academic and intellectial cooperation, the deepening of humanities cooperation has further promoted the Central African hearts.

The medium-sized non-relationship is not a day, and it is not given to, but the middle-free wind and rain are in the same boat, the trouble and a total, one step is coming out. On the critical moment and major issues related to each other, both sides have always stood together and support each other.

Yan Zongze said: "50 years ago, African brothers supported New China to restore the legal seats in the United Nations. When I passed the resolution 2758, they were rejoicing. This is not only the victory of China, but also the victory of Africa, and the victory of the world. In China, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China is responsible for maintaining the interests of African countries when they host international fairness and justice, involving these affairs in Africa. "

In 2014, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea entered Ebola hemorrhagic epidemic. At the difficult moment of the African people, China's righteousness has no reluctant to extend their assistance.

Yan Zongze said: "At that time, the international virus was very panicked. Many Westerners have retired. When everyone returns to retreat, China is retrograde. Our medical workers, experts team and medical supplies are constantly moving African countries are available. The Chinese side provides hundreds of millions of dollars, and China has provided maximum humanitarian assistance. When the African countries encounter difficulties and risk challenges, when they are the most difficult, China and African brothers stand together, I I feel that this is more important than anything. "

Recently, more and more African people are inoculation from China's new coronal pneumonia vaccine. China's exports and donated vaccines continue to arrive in African countries, bringing new hopes to fight the epidemic.

In the face of sudden new coronal pneumonia, the neutralization will fight side by side again, watch help. In the difficult moment of China's anti-vulcination, regions such as African countries and NAC have given many support in China. After the African epidemics, China also called Africa, sent immuninated medical team, anti-pharmaceutical team, providing emergency immunity, and other.

In May 2020, the medical expert from Hebei arrived in Jinshasa, and worked with the local people in Africa. For the team leader Wang Junhui, the team leader, it is not strange here. A few years ago, he took the team to carry out medical assistance.

China-non-wind and rain, together, to promote the construction of human fate communies to establish a model. In the future, we will also struggle to create a new situation in China.

From November 29 to 30, the 8th ministerial meeting of China-African Cooperation Forum was held in Senegal. At the meeting, China will explain the important policy propositions on the construction of the Non-Destiny Community in the New Times, announced that the next three years of new major initiatives, China and non-cooperation will jointly release "China-Non Cooperation 2035 Vision", do a good job Non-cooperative medium and long-term planning.

Qi Zongze said: "I think the future of the future is a connection between China Dream and the African Dream. Chinese dream is the great revival of the Chinese nation, we have embarked on the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle, and Africa wants yourself The prosperity and integration, so they have developed the "2063 agenda". What is the ambitious goal to do? There is a considerable fit between the middle and not, this fit point is that both sides use the future development as a future development. Heavy weight. We have a common interest, and there is no difference between the fundamental interests, the common interest is the mainstream of the middle-independent relationship, which is the best foundation and conditions in the future. "

Regardless of how the international situation changes, the middle and non-cooperation will win, and the initial development of common development will not change. Currently, there is a new stage of development. China promotes the construction of new development patterns that promote domestic circulation as the main body, domestic and international dual cycles will bring more "Chinese opportunities" to Africa. The official implementation of the African Self-trade area, African economic integration and regional economic integration acceleration, will also expand greater development space to China-Africa cooperation. Standing in a new historical starting point, China-non-working together, seek common development, and build a more closely non-fate community, will also better benefit the people.

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