Thank China!China-Africa "shared platform" is over 20 years, US Europe began to be eager?

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Thank China!China-Africa "shared platform" is over 20 years, US Europe began to be eager?

2021-12-01 06:03:35 50 ℃

At 12:30 on November 29, local time, located in the capital Dakar of the Republic of Senegal, "The Eighth Ministerial Length" meeting of China-Non Cooperation Forum is officially held.

In this meeting, the Chinese leaders' speech is undoubtedly the focus, and China leaders announced:

In order to realize the vaccination plan for African allies to achieve 60% of the population in 2022, China will once again assist 1 billion vaccine, as well as more than 1,500 medical team members and experts.

At the same time, in order to achieve 10 poverty and agricultural projects to assist in Africa, China will also send nearly 500 agricultural experts to encourage the construction and poverty alleviation of China and Enterprises in Africa to achieve the "100 Enterprise Village" events in the true sense.

As described above, China's generous assistance to the African allies, each witnessing the solid friendship between China and Non-bilateral people!

The Central African Cooperation Forum will belong to the ministerial level dialogue. Wang Yi, China State Council, and Wang Yi, also arrived at Dakar on time, and discusses the big counts from other 53 African "allies".

How to describe, this time the Chinese and Agree-level talks?

First, quoted Nigeria's "Blue Map" commentary: This Dartar Conference has great significance to Central Africa.

Especially for countries in Africa, it is possible to achieve friendly cooperation with China in the current epidemic, economy, so African countries will soon spend "difficulties"!

There will be this opportunity between China and the United States, jointly provide new prospects, open new blueprints, and toward new agenda!

Secondly, according to the US progress website, the eighth ministerial dialogue of the China-Non Cooperation Forum marks the 20th year.

Similarly, the forum can also be called a large "shared platform" in the middle and non-cooperative!

Now this "shared platform" has been 20 years, and it has also laid the foundation in various fields. It has produced an amazing grinding.

In terms of now, many countries in Africa have been very optimistic about China's development momentum, China's "one way" economic framework, which has been "completed" in Africa.

As of the end of 2019, China's direct investment in Africa is more than $ 44.3 billion. In the source of non-all investment, China has already rushed to four!

In investment projects, such as railways have exceeded 10,000 kilometers, and nearly 100,000 kilometers of roads, important infrastructure facilities such as bridges and ports have also reached several hundred.

Such a score, the trust between the unfair, and is also inseparable from the joint efforts of both parties.

However, such good grades are happy to us, but they are "mood complex" for all countries in Western countries.

Let's take a look at the eve of the Dakar Conference, some Western media comments:

I. French "World News" is published in an article called "Africa and China - Magic Downtry Time".

It is mainly considered that this medium-re-Dakar talks, the level is lower than the previous session, and it has indicated that the "beautiful feast" in the future in the future has ended.

Second, the BBC believes that in the investment level of Africa, the Western countries will apparently lack of coherence, and the "French New Association" revealed that the US Secretary of State Bulin, visiting Senegal this month, With the competition background between Beijing and Washington.

Bulin is called that we should not force partners, but should give them a choice.

Third, "New York Times" is said to this: Burlin is in the previous visit, but also refers to the risk of "China's years to non-aid investment", speculation so-called "China Debt Traps".

As described above, in the face of the mid-Dakar talks, France obviously be extremely dissatisfied with the results between China, and the United States also takes the opportunity to speculate, and stage a "chart".

As for the UK, it is biased to take the opportunity to "damage".

The Western world treats China's achievements in Africa, all feel "like a pin felt"!

In particular, France has always regarded Africa as its own "strategic interest", and now I am particular concern about China's influence in Africa.

In general, the cooperation between China and Non-bilateral cooperation is increasing, naturally it is to make some people's hearts and conspiracy, but in the current development of the current development, China-Africa naturally fear these "interference".

End quoted Nigerian Foreign Minister O'Amma, returning to Bulin, said: "We are willing to cooperate with any people who offer high value, in such a major field, Chinese people are such people"