Myanmar extended foreigners entry restrictions to December 31

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Myanmar extended foreigners entry restrictions to December 31

2021-12-01 12:05:05 63 ℃

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar announced on November 30 that in order to effectively prevention and control of new champlide, Myanmar will reappear the implementation of immigration restrictions on foreigners 1 month to December 31.

The Myanmar Foreign Ministry said in the notice that all types of visa services will be suspended on December 31st.Diplomats, United Nations staff members, there are important or emergency transactions to the rescue flights or special flights to Myanmar to contact Myanmar's embassies and consulates, but must strictly abide by relevant epidemic prevention regulations.

Myanmar has been stopped to apply for foreigners from March 2020, and international commercial passenger flights will be banned.According to the news released in mid-November, Myanmar plans to restore commercial flight operations in the first quarter of 2022, relax the entry restrictions on foreigners, and re-open tourism.(Total reporter Gaojiayi)