The Chinese embassy spokesperson in the UK, asked the Chinese government's "confidential document"

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The Chinese embassy spokesperson in the UK, asked the Chinese government's "confidential document"

2021-12-02 12:06:57 54 ℃

China Daily London December 1st, local time November 30 Question, but anti-rock, anti-split, go to extreme problems, Zheng Guowen Dudu fabricated the fake news about Xinjiang, nothing more than the actual referee, it is not worth it.

Recently, some media reports said that German scholars Zheng Guowa provide the "Uyghur Special Tribunal" and the "confidential document" and related analysis of the Chinese government, and will be announced. In this case, the Chinese embassy spokesperson pointed out that Zheng Guowen made a rumor in the world, and there was no credibility and academic ethics, and his words and deeds were more embarrassed. Zheng Guowen Du wrote a fake news about Xinjiang, nothing more than the actual reprint, it is not worth amended.

The spokesman said that the so-called "Uyghur Special Tribunal" is funded by the Harpere Split Organization, a small anti-China molecule for rumored political tools, it is not a legal body, there is no statutory power, but a ground channel False court. These tricks are just the poor performances of anti-Huali's self-entertainment, and any people with conscience and ration will be blinded and fooled.

The spokesman said that the issue of involvement is not a religion, nation, human rights issue, but anti-streaming, anti-division, to extract the problem. From the end of 1990 to 2016, thousands of rapid and terrorism events occurred in Xinjiang, resulting in a large number of innocent casualties and property losses. In the face of evils in the terrorism, any responsible government should resolutely strike. China Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region resolutely implements the central government, the central government is slightly screened, and the violent terrorist crime shall be carried out according to law. At the same time, it attaches great importance to the source management, developing the economy, improving people's livelihood, promoting national unity, and fully guarantee the various people's own people. right. These measures have achieved remarkable results, Xinjiang has not had a rapid term for five consecutive years. The society has resumed safe and stable, and the economy has developed rapidly. The Chinese government's government policy has been sincerely supported by the people of all ethnic groups, and has also been fully affirmed by the international community.

The spokesman pointed out that China is unswervingly doing the right thing, take your own way, this is anyone else to stop. Xinjiang's economic and social development will definitely achieve new and greater achievements, Xinjiang will be better tomorrow. Zheng Guowen and the so-called "Uygur Special Tribunal" have been poked, and its moral has already been banned. Let them continue to shake in the fact that the Chinese people is strong as the rock position and the facts of Xinjiang stable prosperity!