Russian Foreign Minister talks about Ukraine issues, Blinken: "Baipu Club" or recently held

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Russian Foreign Minister talks about Ukraine issues, Blinken: "Baipu Club" or recently held

2021-12-03 12:59:38 34 ℃

On December 2nd, local time, US Secretary of State Brouken and Russian Foreign Minister Lav Rov, during the European Safety and Cooperation Organization (OSC) meeting, the two sides "frankly" on multiple issues. Bulin said that US President Biden and Russian President Putin or directly communicate directly.

According to the American Cable News Network (CNN), the OSC Summit was held in Sweden Stockholm on December 2nd to 3rd local time. Brincan said in the press conference that Russia has a responsibility to revoke military in Ukraine. Sports, ease the current tensions.

Lav Rov emphasized that "no one has no right to strengthen its own safety at the expense of others, and NATO's further advancement of NATO will will affect Russia's fundamental interests." He pointed out that although Russia did not want "and NATO in Ukraine Any conflict occurs on the problem, and the Russian side will still "use the right to ensure its legal security benefits."

According to the report, Brinken and Lav Rov met on the 2nd. Bulin said that the two sides have tanded frank in multiple issues. "We will report on the head of the state, and the President of US Russia may directly communicate directly in the near future." Bulin said. Lav Rov said, "We are willing to make efforts to solve the Ukrainian problem. The US has repeatedly expressing the willingness to participate in assistance, and it does not destroy the 'Normandy mode'. Russian party is willing to resume a dialogue between Ukraine issues with the US. "

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleta immediately said with Blinken, it said that Wu Mei is formulating a comprehensive plan of "a step in aggressive action in Russia, including severe economic sanctions.