Poorly, Australia began to sell: this will be rely on China

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Poorly, Australia began to sell: this will be rely on China

2021-12-03 12:59:27 66 ℃

In front of China, the Australia is hard, sometimes pitiful. Recently, Australians have started performing, lamenting that national energy supply will rely on China in the future. This side is guilty, and it is also in accordance with Australia's current situation.

The Australian News Network reported that when Taylor, Australian Energy, Taylor, was asked by the host, asked the host, when did Australia started to make solar panels, this is the Australian technology, but now Australia imports solar panel, there are 90 %from China.

As a key technique in Australia, solar technology can be said to be the future of the country, but Australia cannot do "independent walking."

At present, among the power-on solar panels imported by Australia, it is indeed more than 90% from China, and about 80% of the Solar panels in Australia are manufactured in China.

So why said solar technology is related to the future of Australia? This country currently has the world's highest home solar use rate, and with the promotion of net emissions from Australia, solar energy will also become the main source of Australian families.

Promote local solar manufacturing, is the core focus of the Australian federal government. It is expected that in the next 10 years, the installation amount of solar panels will increase by 4 times in the next 10 years. By 2030, almost half of Australia's total energy volume. Solar panels are more important, thereby visible.

So this time Australians sing one and sing, most of the solar panels from China, in fact, they have realized that the energy supply of the national family in the future is almost in China.

Everyone knows that Australia has been "anti-China pioneer" in recent years, and the leading to develop the so-called "anti-foreign interference" for China in Western countries, and it is the first to disclose Huawei equipment to 5G network construction.

Australia is also a rush of the Anti-China proposal for almost every Western United States. This country has continuously manufactured trade friction with China, so that China and Macao relations have fallen into the bottom. Australia is doing thieves, fear that China "retaliation" is no wonder that it will be so fighting.

Today, Australia is keeping with the United States, and recently thoroughly throwing a "future technology" as a chip to engage in international competition. It seems that the anxiety of Australia is really all in full.